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Nic’s Movie of the Year 2014

Nicholas Schaus

I’m sure many others felt the way I did when news broke of a new LEGO movie, assuming it to be a quick cash grab aimed entirely at entertaining small children with simple humour and plot.

The LEGO Movie


 However, not only did The LEGO Movie completely subvert my expectations, it proved to be one of the funniest, most charming movies I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in years.

The film follows Emmet as he journeys through numerous memorable LEGO worlds in his quest to defeat the tyrannous Lord Business, while meeting a number of colourful characters along the way. The writing is superbly done, as the film is littered with hilarious jokes that will make both children and adults with burst out with laughter. The LEGO worlds they venture to throughout the movie are ripe for parody and references, sure to entertain nostalgic audience members. This movie could have easily been dumbed down for children, but I found myself laughing along and smiling with everyone else through all the big and small jokes.

The animation is spectacular, perfectly capturing the look and feel of an entirely LEGO universe. It’s clear this movie was made with plenty of love and respect for the toys lineup, and I found myself marvelling at the thought that it was all painstakingly recreated in CG animation. Every single frame of the movie is just so full of detail and imaginative use of the famous little building bricks; it’s truly a treat for the eyes to watch it unfold. The movie moves so frantically, you’ll always be on the edge of your seat as it sweeps you up in its enthusiastic excitement.

Not only is The LEGO Movie a genuinely hilarious and entertaining movie, it packs enough heartwarming and surprising messages to make it feel truly special. There’s an unexpected note of social commentary that plays perfectly with the theme and LEGO worlds, adding a depth to what could have so easily been a lowbrow children’s movie. I’m not ashamed to admit the ending brought me watery eyes with a strong heartwarming message that is sure to hit home with most everyone who’s ever let their creativity flow through the tiny block pieces.

Overall, The LEGO Movie was not only the most fun I’d had at the movies for years, it brought me back to that childhood feeling of imagination and amazement. Through big laughs, heart, and clever, inspired writing, The LEGO Movie felt like an instant classic for the ages.  I never would have thought it before watching it, but it truly is the movie of the year, and one I’ll come back to whenever I want to re-experience that powerful childhood astonishment.

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