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Batman Arkham Knight to be PS4 Exclusive in Japan

Despite being initially announced on both platforms, a press release by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Japan has revealed that Batman: Arkham Knight will be a PS4 exclusive in the Japanese region, leaving Japanese Xbox users with one less AAA title in 2015.

Microfoft’s Japanese site for Rocksteady’s latest title has officially been pulled down, despite promotion for the game previously existing. As of now, Warner Bros. Japan’s web page for Arkham Knight clearly displays the game as a PS4 exclusive. No word yet exists on the possibility of this being another instance of timed exclusives, but it currently seems unlikely that it will appear later on Xbox One, given that the Warner Bros. site reveals no Xbox imagery whatsoever.

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There has been no announcement yet regarding if Arkham Knight becoming a PS4 exclusive rings true in regions outside of Japan. However, Xbox users in the North American marketplace should not panic, as the decision to pull Arkham Knight from the Xbox One lineup probably comes from the fact the console simply doesn’t sell nearly as many units as PS4 and Wii U do in the Japanese marketplace. Reports suggest that since the Xbox One’s September 2014 launch in Japan, only 38,000 units have been sold. In comparison, the Wii U sold over 300,000 units within the first week of its launch in Japan.

Batman: Arkham Knight releases on June 2nd 2015 in North America, and will hit the Japanese market a month later on July 2nd.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight that debuted at Playstation Experience last month:

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