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Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty Leave IGN to Launch Kinda Funny Games

A new era has begun for IGN veterans Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty as they leave the company behind to launch a new platform for gaming news and opinions, Kinda Funny Games.

Along with senior video producers Nick Scarpino and Tim Gettys, Miller and Moriarty’s decision to leave the media news site behind was influenced by the wild success of their Patreon-funded channel, Kinda Funny, last September. There, Miller and co. hosted a number of series including their flagship podcast, The GameOverGreggy Show.

“Now that we don’t work for IGN, we can talk about the stuff you’ve always wanted us to talk about on YouTube — games,” Miller writes on the Kinda Funny Games Patreon page. Among other shows, Kinda Funny Games will debut with Colin and Greg Live, a daily morning show hosted on Twitch where the two will cover news on all things nerdy. “We’re basically giving you Podcast Beyond, but every weekday instead of once a week, and about more than just PlayStation.”

The sudden departure has left many fans wondering what will happen to the shows at IGN that Greg, Colin, and the others are leaving behind. Podcast Beyond, the number one Playstation podcast on the internet, will carry on indefinitely with Colin and Greg continuing to host as freelancers. Over Twitch, Moriarty mentioned that if it were up to them, they would continue doing Podcast Beyond forever, but recognize that the decision rests in IGN’s hands whether or not they will eventually be replaced. Similarly, Colin Moriarty was offered a freelance position to continue writing one feature or opinion article for IGN weekly.

On a personal note, Miller’s clear reverence for the gaming industry and amiable presence was a large inspiration for me to begin writing about games and pop culture, and I look forward to the group’s newest venture.

Kinda Funny Games content will be made available through sites like Youtube, Twitch, and their forthcoming website. Patreon supporters will gain early access and exclusive content.

Beyond, Greg. Beyond.

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