18.5 Million PlayStation 4’s Sold Worldwide


As of January 6, 2015, Sony has revealed the PlayStation 4 has sold over 18.5 million units worldwide. Will the PlayStation 4 be able to surpass it’s grandfather, the PlayStation 2 in sales by the end of the 8th generation?

Sony’s PlayStation 2, is the highest selling console in video game console history, with a whopping 150 million units sold. The PlayStation 4 has had a strong start since it’s launch of November 2013. Going forward into 2015, I can see the PlayStation 4 hitting it’s 19 million mark very soon, especially with big exclusive titles, The Order 1886 & Bloodbourne on the way. PS4 is leading for the top selling console of this generation today and is leaving it’s competition in the dust.


One thought on “18.5 Million PlayStation 4’s Sold Worldwide

  1. 18.5 mill…holy COW! And to think they reached that in the time it took the PS3 to sell 3.5 million units.


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