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Hatred Rated Adults Only, Forbidden On Consoles?

Destructive Creations’s third-person mass shooting simulator Hatred has been given the Adults Only (AO) rating in Canada and the US from ESRB.

One of the game developers wrote on the official forum “Well, I’m not quite convinced why Hatred got AO rating while it lacks any sexual content, but it’s still some kind of achievement to have the second game in history getting AO rating for violence and harsh language only. Even if this violence isn’t really that bad and this harsh language is not overused. The guy from ESRB (by the way – very nice, polite and cooperative one) told me it’s all about “the context” which people they’re testing gameplay video on will see.”

The game was announced back in October of 2014. Without a doubt, the first trailer revealed for the game was controversial and created shock value through out the media and gaming community. The trailer shows the unnamed protagonist indiscriminately murdering everyone is his path because he hates the world. A lot of people (gamers and non-gamers) were caught off guard by the hate fueled violence portrayed. With this (AO) rating confirmed and it’s only announced platform being the PC, it is very unlikely we’ll be seeing this game anywhere near consoles.

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