You Coppin’ this game? – Evolve

From the creators of Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios brings us the next generation of multiplayer shooters.  Evolve, the 4 v 1, first-person cooperative shooter puts four player-controlled human hunters in combat against one alien monster, controlled by a fifth player. The game is expected to have various large scale maps filled with deadly creatures and dangerous jungles filled with traps to both benefit or harm either the hunters or the monster.

Game Modes: 

Hunt – This is the first game mode created for Evolve. The objective is to take out the monster before it reaches level three in evolution. If it reaches level three it is now capable of destroying a generator which will end the game, if it didn’t kill all three players.

Rescue – Hunters have to protect and revive colonists as you help them evacuate in a ship. The monster’s objective is  to kill the survivors and the hunters to win the game.

Nest – Six eggs are located around the map. The monster is supposed to protect these eggs as the hunters try to destroy them. The monster can hatch one of the eggs to have a minion fight by it’s side. The monster must kill all hunters to win and hunters must destroy all eggs to win.

Defend – A starship fueling station gets attacked and a bunch of monsters are trying to take it out. A player will be playing as a fully evolved monster. Computer controlled minions and the monster’s objective is to destroy two generators to reach this ships power source. If successful, the monster wins but if the hunters can kill the monster or mange to hold the threat off long enough they win.

Evacuation – All four game modes are one giant game mode.


Assault – The Assault class dishes out the most punishment on the team.

Trapper – This class specializes in capturing the enemy and pinning it down.

Medic – Their name is pretty self explanatory, their job is to keep the team alive.

Support – This class is the most versatile of the four classes. Their objective is to help the team deal heavy damage and get the job done.


Wraith – The Wraith is one of the most dangerous monsters because of it’s stealth and likes to get up close and personal with it’s two piercing blades.

Kraken – Kraken has to be the most terrifying creature out of the three. This tentacled monster unleashes electric death upon it’s enemies when they get close.

Goliath – Very little is known about this fire breathing monstrosity because it ripped apart the scientists that were studying it.

Evolve is strictly gameplay and doesn’t have a story or campaign. The game looks very promising, fun and challenging. it seems players will have the most fun when they’re partied up with friends and over going strategies to become victorious.

Soo…you coppin’ it?

Evolve Release Date: February 10, 2015

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC

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