A Brief Word on the Written Word

Throughout my life I've always found joy in writing and creating.

I spent the better part of my high school career writing rock music, I dabbled in drawing, and every so often tried my hand at writing articles and papers for school, personal blogs, and the like.

While I’d never admit it at the time, I’ve come to realize that all of those previous endeavors held some element of fabrication to them; when writing music I was trying desperately to be the “cool music guy,” for instance. As you probably know if you’re reading this, I recently decided to start writing about gaming and pop culture – two things that I’ve always had a love for underneath every “music guy” or “university guy” persona – and part of me has never felt so fulfilled.

As an aspiring “content creator” – as vague of a term as that is, I’ve experimented with a few formats of expression ranging from comedy shorts on YouTube to acoustic songs on Soundcloud. This past month, however, one of my Button Masher articles reached just under 4000 readers, a number of viewers far higher than any video or song I’ve ever released. While a large number of those article views I owe to the wonderful Nintendo community over on Reddit, it was extremely gratifying for me to find out there’s still a place online for the written word in an era where the internet is filled predominantly with picture, video, and GIF content.


Now, I’m not trying to say that success is to be measured by the amount of traffic your piece of content can draw in. What I’m trying to express is how great it is that the piece of content which resonated with the largest amount of people wasn’t the one where I was trying to be a rock star or anything else, it was the one where I just talked about the nerdy junk I love.

That’s why if I could leave you with one thing, it’d be this: start doing what you love today. If you want to write about games, start typing. Do you want to go back to school? Open up a new tab and see what courses your nearby school offers. We tend to get intimidated or deterred when we find that a million other people are trying to do the same thing we are, but I’ve actually found a great deal of motivation and inspiration through Nic, Damion, and a few other bloggers (JHNWRITES, Delildel,) who share similar passions that make me want to work harder and harder.

I couldn’t really tell you if I see this as a future career of sorts or just a hobby. But one thing I can say with certainty is I’m having a great time acting instead of thinking about how cool it would be to be part of a gaming blog. I’m sure you’d feel the same way with whatever your dream is!

…Now I’ll cut it out with the sappy stuff and get back to my next gaming article! 😉

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  1. I told you earlier on Twitter that I think this is a really sweet article, and it’s inspirational at that! What I think is pretty great is that you’re writing actual articles. lol, most of my writing are in small snippets (hence, tidbits! :P) because otherwise I’d find that it takes a lot longer to write

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