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Spider-Man to Finally Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Comic book movie fans rejoice, the news we’ve all been waiting for with bated breath has finally arrived, Spider-Man is joining the Marvel movie universe!

After the Sony leaks a while back had stoked the flames for this partnership, the hype seemed to die down over the following weeks as no follow up plans had been announced. With Sony’s plans for The Amazing Spider-Man covering everything from a Sinister Six movie to an Aunt May prequel, and Marvel already announcing its third phase plans for its universe, it appeared to be only a fool’s dream.

Nonetheless, today Sony and Marvel pictures have announced they plan to introduce “the new Spider-Man” in an upcoming Marvel film, before his own solo film with Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal co-producing. This new series will almost definitely be integrated heavily with the established Marvel universe and feature appearances by other characters.

Despite the excitement, this news is hardly shocking in retrospect. Sony’s newest attempt with Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man series has left less than stellar impressions with audiences and critics, while Marvel has had unparalleled success with their own stream of movies. All things considered, it’s no wonder Sony decided to drop their own universe after only two films. With last year’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 scoring reviews even lower than infamously loathed Spider-Man 3, the thought of Marvel bringing their own magic to reinvigorate the character is nothing short of thrilling.

With the new Spider-Man solo film to debut July 28th, 2017, it’s certainly possible he’ll be showing up in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, as he played a crucial role in the comic it’s based on. If this team-up has been in the works long enough however, it might even be feasible to have the web-slinger cameo in the new Avengers film this summer.

We’ll be looking forward to any new developments on this merging,  as this news certainly cements how exciting it is to be a superhero fan today. 

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