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WWE 2K15: Review

Another year and another WWE game, “that’s whats’s best for business”.

Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta… SHIELD!

This time WWE fans will engage in a new experience as Yukes and WWE 2K  make their debut on the latest generation of consoles. With a new generation comes testing waters and trial and error; the game has a lot of missing features and a depleted character roster, but makes up in gameplay and visuals. The game has been out since late November of last year and I think now would be a perfect time to share my thoughts on this game since I’ve gotten the chance to play it religiously.

The first thing fans of the previous games will notice is how stunning the visuals are. The character models and wrestling attires almost look life-like because WWE 2K used the same facial and body scanning technology used for the NBA 2K games. Most of the WWE roster were scanned, but even superstars like CM Punk and the icon Sting who weren’t scanned due to company departures (in CM Punk’s case) and being  DLC (in Sting’s case), still look amazing in game. Some of my favourite character models in the game would have to be Goldust and “The Game” Triple H as their models were done perfectly.

WWE 2K15_20141222162616
Seth Rollins delivering a vicious Curb Stomp to John Cena.

The gameplay has been significantly improved this time around, with one of the most unique improvements coming from the new lock up system. The lock up system is a mini game before each single match type where both competitors would lock up in a chain wrestling match to see who can out wrestle each other, just like in an actual wrestling match. This new chain wrestling feature is a great addition to the game and adds a sense of realism to each match you have. If you’re not interested in having to lock before each match, you have the option to turn this feature off in the options menu.

Another noticeable change in the gameplay is how realistic each punch, stomp and maneuver is sold. This improvement is critical to future WWE games as it contributes to a sense of realism. Of course, wrestlers in real life aren’t being hit by the punches they receive, but they do sell these punches. The selling animation is well done and makes every hit look crucial. The build up to delivering your devastating signature and finishing moves are fairly the same as previous games, but projected in a new way. The momentum meter has been overhauled; instead of having a plain momentum bar, players now have to build up a certain percentage in order to perform a signature or finishing move. Players will now be able to store a signature move once a finisher is already stored, using the R1 button on the PS4 and RB button on the Xbox One.

WWE 2K15_20141119000026
Believe in Roman Reigns.

The most annoying issue with WWE 2K15, is that the game is missing a ton of features and match types that were present in previous games. These features are only missing from PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. 1 vs 1 Matches: – Ladder – I Quit – Inferno – Special Guest Referee – 2 out of 3 Falls – Backstage Brawl 2 vs 2 Matches: – Tornado Tag – Elimination Tornado Tag – Elimination Table – Extreme Rules – Ladder – TLC (Tables Ladders & Chairs) – Steel Cage – Hell In a Cell – Mixed Tag – Backstage Brawl Triple Threat Matches: – Ladder – TLC – Steel Cage – Falls Count Anywhere – 2 out of 3 fall – Backstage Brawl Fatal 4 Way Matches: – Ladder – TLC – Steel Cage –  Hell In a Cell – Table – Falls Count Anywhere – 2 out of 3 Falls – Backstage Brawl 6-Man Matches: – Championship Scramble Handicap Matches: – All matches removed Creation Modes: – Create a Finisher – Create an Arena – Create a Title – Create a Diva – All custom entrances are missing, the only entrances available are entrances from in-game wrestlers. – Custom Themes The only creation suite options that are available is Create SuperstarMove-set and Entrance.

WWE 2K15_20150215180927 Everyone’s favorite game mode in the previous WWE games makes its return to WWE 2K15 in the form of Universe Mode. The game mode still operates the same way as it did in 2K14 except that now you can select stories for the different rivalries that will take place in your universe. I think this is a great idea because each rivalry won’t end the same way as they did in the past. Universe mode is still a good way to kill tons of hours playing the role as GM by making matches, forming/breaking stables and creating different shows. wwe2k15_Career1-720x405

My Career mode is a new game mode introduced to us in WWE 2K15. You start My Career mode by creating a superstar, creating a unique move-set and entrance. Your superstar will wrestle his first few matches at the WWE Performance center and gradually make his way up to the main roster to participate in feuds, win championships then eventually the main event, Wrestlemania. My Career has a tad bit of RPG elements embedded in it, excellent in-ring performances will reward you with skill points that can be used to max out your attributes as well as unlocking new moves that your superstar can learn. My Career gives players 15 in-game years to win the WWE championship so if you’re interested in this mode, you’ll have a lot of time to enjoy it. In closing WWE 2K15 on PS4 and Xbox One is a must try for fans of the WWE game franchise. The game is very easy on the eyes and players will definitely be impressed by the visuals. However as I’ve stated, the game is missing a lot of features that most players are used to seeing. If you’re really big on features then skipping this game won’t do you much harm, most likely the next installment will have the missing features. The gameplay is solid and greatly improved compared to past games. If you’re looking for a decent wrestling game that you can play if you have a bunch of friends over, then WWE 2K15 is that game to play.

WWE 2K15_20141215173018
“The Game” Triple H.

WWE 2K15: now available Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360

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