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Liebster Award Nomination: Q & A With Nic and Corey

Thanks to a nomination by fellow blogger over at Viewer Discretion is Advised, Button Masher T.O. has received a Liebster award! The Liebster award gives bloggers the opportunity to spread the word about other sites they love, and for some crazy reason, Viewer Discretion is Advised liked us enough to send a nomination our way. Usually, the person who nominates a blog also attaches a list of questions they’d like to hear answered by the nominee. But since Button Masher is a joint effort, we thought it best to have a couple of us take a swing at answering some hard hitting questions.

1) Why did you start your blog?

Corey: I guess in this case we’ll answer why each of us specifically wanted to do it, since Button Masher’s a Leviathan of sorts –
Nic: Corey told me to.
Corey: WHAT?
Nic: I mean, like we’d been planning to do something like this for years and you finally just said “Okay let’s do it for real now.”
Corey: Well my whole thing was, apart from wanting to do something similar to this for years, I’ve been writing for another Toronto based arts site and while they’re very supportive of video games as an art form, a lot of the stuff I wanted to write on gaming didn’t always fit with the direction of the site. So I still write about music and other stuff in Toronto at the other place, but now have Button Masher to spew out all of my nerdy thoughts whenever I please!
Nic: I also just wanna talk about games but don’t have any friends so there you go.

2)If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

N: Uh, I guess England? I mean I haven’t even been outside the province in like a decade, so somewhere like England seems like a far enough away place while also still being KINDA close to something I can manage. You’ll probably have a better answer since you’re a cultured fan of Earth.
C:I feel like it’s pretty mandatory for me to visit Peru and Machu Picchu, given Inca archaeology is what got me started and pulled into my archaeology undergrad…on the VIDEO GAME side of my interests, Japan is definitely up there, but I feel like I’m still YEARS away from that. It’s just like every white male who grew up playing games wants to just check that place out. Also, I need to go back to California longer next time. SHORTS IN NOVEMBER, NICHOLAS!
N: Yeah you’ve already like traveled the world, you didn’t need this question. You and your “band trips.”
C: Did you know I high five’d a knight?

3) Who is your role model?

C: I don’t know if I believe in role models per se, but I guess in the sort of gaming world industry I’m pretty head over heels about what Greg Miller and the Kinda Funny guys are doing. Rivers Cuomo from Weezer was also a pretty big influence for me when I wanted to be a rock and roll man. Just the whole sincerity coming out of Pinkerton – I want to be able to be that genuine too.

N: If we’re talking about in terms of what we’re doing with Button Masher then I’ve got a lot. 4Player Podcast definitely first got me into the idea of just having fun talking about and analyzing games. Giant Bomb is always great, their experience with the whole industry is really cool to listen to. SuperBestFriends is a more recent one, their personalities are just off the wall. And just in general probably Batman. He knows what’s up.

4) Favourite Television Show?

C: Breaking Bad? I mean it’s pretty much got to be that or Batman: The Animated Series.
N: Yeah I can’t imagine anything beating the brilliance of Breaking Bad. I didn’t even really watch television before getting into that show.

5) Favourite Video Game?

C: I actually don’t think I know yours, Nic. Unless I do?
N: I think I always say Zelda: The Wind Waker but I haven’t played it in years so maybe that’s all just nostalgia. I’ll have to go back to confirm it, but in close second is Resident Evil 4.
And we all know yours: Tak and the Power of Juju.
C: It’s got to be Majora’s Mask or Batman: Arkham City. MM because I played that game so much I practically lived in Termina, and AC because it was the closest I’ve ever felt to being Batman, and that’s all anybody’s ever wanted, really.


6) Who is your favourite character from fiction?

N: Blinx the Time Sweeper Cat, probably. Actually this one’s really tough because I want to just go straight to Batman but that’s just so easy.
C: Yeah I don’t want to cop out and say Batman but, man is it ever Batman.
N: Maybe Shrek. He’s up there.
C: Ogres have layers, Nicholas. Light Yagami was pretty cool.
N: Woah I didn’t know you liked him that much. That’s a callback. Unlike Shrek, which is always topical I guess.
C: I’m really racking my brain here. I don’t know if she’s my favourite character of all time but Harley Quinn’s definitely a big one. Tragic characters are just the best. Also screw it I’m throwing him out there: Jon Snow.
N: Walter White is probably a big one too. Um… there’s so many I can’t even decide. Godzilla, Robocop, Katy Perry…
C: Yeah Walt! I feel like I just forgot about television but in that case Prince Zuko has hands down one of the best story arcs I’ve ever seen. Korra was great, too.


7) What is your favourite activity to do?

C: I enjoy a fine soup.
N: Like out of everything though?
C: It’s up there!
N: I like resting. Like not quite sleeping…but close.
C: The music’s a big thing for me too, though. I talk about how I’m not trying to be a rock star anymore, but that doesn’t change the fact that pretty much every day I pick up my guitar for five minutes at least and run through a little diddy. I can’t imagine that stopping anytime soon.

8) What is one thing you hope to accomplish in life?

C: Let’s try and answer on behalf of each other, that’ll be a gasser!
N: Like I explain what Corey is trying to accomplish in his life?
C: You want to contribute to the Star Wars canon before your death!
N: I have no idea where you got this idea from but I’m fine with that.
C: We talked about it on New Year’s when you drank yourself silly!
N: I know and you mentioned it and I was like “Oh…okay sure I’d do that!” Like I never even considered it, but you’re dead set on making me do it so sure.
…I think you want to uncover the secret to a lost ancient civilization or mystical secret that has been hidden from the world for countless years.

And then destroy it.

C: Damn!
N: It’s just the vibe I get.

9) Why you gotta be so rude?

N: …Is that the real question because that’s oddly specific.
C: I’m gonna marry you anyways.
N: I don’t like rap music.
C: Goodnight, everybody!


I suppose in the way this works, we’re to nominate a few other blogs that really stand out to us. If you choose to respond, you can supply your answers to the same 9 questions above. Or if you want to be technical, you can follow the proper guidelines here – we just didn’t want to do all of that stuff since we don’t think we’re that interesting!

We nominate:

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