GTA 5 Story DLC: What I’d Like To See

The heists for Grand Theft Auto 5 are scheduled to be released March 10, 2015, that’s just next week! Now that we know the long anticipated heists are coming, I’m starting to wonder when will Rockstar start showing us some story based DLC. I have a particular area where I would like Rockstar to focus on and that is the urban, gang-banging, street culture in south Los Santos.

It would be cool if we were able to receive a back story on some of the events that occurred while Lamar and Franklin were heavily involved with the Chamberlain Gangster Families (CGF). The insight on the modern day rivalry between the Families and their arch rivals the Ballas would be very intriguing. Seeing how the Families would react around other street gangs like the Vagos and Aztecas would be just as interesting and I think a lot of fans that are interested in something like this would love to see how it would all unfold.

Ballas holding up a convenience store.

They could possibly highlight rival neighborhoods on the map like how it was done in San Andreas so we could be more aware of dangerous areas, where players can possibly become targets if spotted. This could also trigger gang wars if you’re in that area and stirring up trouble. A member recruiting system similar to San Andreas would be useful in such situations and will make gang confrontations more chaotic but a bit easier to handle.

I think Lamar being a playable character would be very interesting, since he’s Franklin’s best friend, lives for the gang culture and likes getting himself into dangerous situations that he has a hard time getting out of. A lot of people might disagree since the guy is a complete goofball but with him being a comedic character, we might have some hilarious moments within a serious story setting.

Chamberlain Gangster Families.

We all have different ideas and settings we’d like to see for future story DLC’s so what’s yours? What would you like to see when Rockstar announces the very first story add on? I would like to read your ideas below including what characters you would like to see involved or even the appearance of some new characters.

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  1. You know this game is really deep…and this dude is a legend just for doing this. 20 hours. I was 13 years old when I first played story mode I didn’t understand shit…now I know how much this campaign teaches you about. Life and a bunch of other crap. I feel bad for the people that bought GTA 5 just to play online.

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