You Coppin’ This Game? – Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will soon be upon us and it’s one of the most anticipated HD remakes that Final Fantasy fans (including myself) have been dying to play. Square Enix started working on the HD remake of the game in mid-2012 to start promoting the new generation of consoles (PS4 and Xbox One).

Published and developed by Square Enix, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was originally titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII and released exclusively in Japan October 2011 on the PlayStation Portable. The game is a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe, a subseries of games from the main series, including Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV and the mobile game Final Fantasy Agito (a game that takes place in Type-0’s world).


Type-0 is not one of our traditional Final Fantasy games that are bright and colorful, it is very dark, violent and bloody. This is very interesting to see in a Final Fantasy game because we are now getting a sense of realism. When an enemy is about to be killed, they will scream and blood will be spilled.

The combat is very far off from our traditional Final Fantasy games, all combat is real-time but still has its RPG elements. Players will control the fourteen members of class zero. Players will be allowed to access up to three characters during gameplay and can switch between the three at any time. Characters have their own unique weapons and can unlock special attacks as they gain experience.

Members of Class Zero.

Visually the game looks amazing for a PSP port as seen in this gameplay trailer. Lighting, models and colours look well done. The only thing that looks dated are certain textures within buildings and windows but when looking at the original side-by-side with the HD version, there is absolutely no similar comparison. Besides that, you can tell the textures have been re-done and look 1000 times better than the PSP version. Gameplay shown in the trailer also seems very fluid and fast-paced.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will definitely be next on my list of games to play, I’m really impressed with how this remake has turned out from what we’ve been shown.

Soo…you coppin’ it?

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Release Date: March 17, 2015

Platforms: PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

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