Damion’s 5 Favourite Video Game Badasses

With new games constantly being released we’re regularly being introduced to cool new characters and a lot of them don’t get enough recognition for being the badasses that they are. There are many badass video game characters out there, with so much to choose from I thought I would narrow it down to my five personal favorite.

5. Strider Hiryu


Strider Hiryu is an elite member of a group of futuristic super ninjas known as the Striders, that specialize in assassinations and various shady activities. Strider is armed with his signature weapon known as The “Cypher”. The Cypher is a highly advanced weapon that uses plasma energy as its main source of power. This plasma energy is extremely dangerous and can pretty much cut through any material. Strider is also equipped with three different drone types also known as options, that he uses effectively in battle.

Option A: also called “Dipodal Saucer” serves as protection for Strider, shields him from various attacks and shoots ring-shaped projectiles.

Option B: also called “Tetrapodal Robo-Panther” is probably the best of the three options. Strider can summon an army of these vicious robo-cats to crush his enemies.

Option C: also called “Robot Hawk” swoops in at high speeds and can slash enemies apart. Strider also uses Robot Hawk as a form of transportation.

Along with all this equipment Strider is extremely fast and skilled in combat. There is no doubt that Capcom’s super ninja is as badass as they come.

4. Samus Aran


Samus Aran is the protagonist for Metroid, the action-adventure game series by Nintendo. Samus is one of the most iconic characters in video game history and also one of the most impressive. The 6′ foot 3″ amazon-like bounty hunter made her debut in the 1986 NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) game Metroid. This was a very controversial game because a lot of people that played the game thought Samus was a man until the end of the game. It’s been actually stated that the developers changed her gender to female halfway through development and revealed her to be a woman during the credits. Players were even able to play as an armor-less Samus in a bikini with a password.

Samus wears a powerful exoskeleton suit that can be upgraded with new power-ups as she progresses through gameplay. This suit is also equipped with an arm cannon that can shoot various projectiles and powerful beams. Her suit can also transform into a sphere called the Morph Ball, that allows her to get through complicated spaces and tight areas.

3. Trevor Phillips


Badass is an understatement when referring to Trevor Phillips, I think unstable, unpredictable and psycho are a bit more accurate. Trevor is one of the three main protagonist’s in Grand Theft Auto 5 and is best friends with Michael De Santa. He was born and raised in Canada and has had a pretty interesting life. Trevor has stated in-game that he’s lived in two countries, five states, fourteen different homes and two correctional facilities. He’s lived a life of crime and had done many heists with his partner in crime Michael.

In GTA 5 Trevor is presented in a shocking light. Within the first moments of being introduced to him, he brutally murders a weaker and meth addicted Lost MC member, Johnny Klebitz by stomping him to death after a heated argument. Trevor is a nightmare to gangs like The Lost MC, The O’Neil Brothers and the Varrios Los Aztecas. Trevor along with TPI (Trevor Phillips Industries) is in a violent rivalry with these gangs over meth and various criminal activities.

2. Max Payne


A man who’s lost everything really has nothing more to lose. The former NYPD Detective is framed for the murder of his family and is sought out by cops and the mob. Max then went on a mission to clear his name and ultimately seek revenge on the band of junkies that were responsible for murdering his family. Max Payne is a dangerous man that will mow down anything in his path. He loves dual wielding firearms and uses them quite effectively.

The game allows players to activate bullet-time mode, a special power which slows down time allowing players controlling Max to shoot and kill more enemies than they would in a regular fire fight. Bullet time is a limited recourse of adrenaline and can be replenished by killing enemies. It’s even replenished faster by getting head shots.

1. Johnny Gat


Johnny Gat is a loyal and high ranking member of the Third Street Saints. Over the years we’ve seen Johnny do some crazy things and get himself out of some death defying situations. In the prologue of Saints Row 2 Johnny Gat was charged with over 300 murders and was about to be sentenced to death before the protagonist helped him escape the court.

Back in original  Saints Row Johnny took a shotgun blast to the knee by during a violent feud with the Vice Kings street gang. Johnny was still able to fight off Vice King affiliate Anthony Green until the protagonist came to help Johnny finish him off. In Saints Row 2 Johnny was also impaled by a katana in a wild gang battle with the Ronin. Despite having a hole through his body he was still able to fight before being escorted to a medical facility for treatment.

Check out this mission Rest In Peace where Johnny shows how dark he can get.

Do you agree with my choices? Who are your favorite video games badasses? I would like to see what names will pop up!

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