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Top 5 Nintendo Games We Want to See on Mobile

With the recent news of Nintendo’s development of its series for mobile devices, fans everywhere have been wondering what to expect from this curious prospect. Opinions on the matter are torn, with arguments opposing and supporting the decision on both sides. Despite any controversy, this new hardware move could mean some interesting decisions and ideas. Whether it’s a return to old classics or new imaginings of current games, here are the top 5 Nintendo games that would fit right at home on mobile.

Dr. Mario

Starting off this list is an easy one. Puzzle games are already dominating the mobile market and Nintendo could easily jump in with a fan favourite throwback. Simple controls, bright clear graphics, and addicting gameplay make it apparent why puzzle games have found a home on our smart phones, but Nintendo could bring it back to a time before they were irritatingly full of paywalls, ads, and micro-transactions, to just some feel good, virus curing fun. Dr. Mario could show games like Candy Crush how it’s really done, while also bringing the game to a whole new generation of kids who’ve missed out on such an influential classic.


For over a decade, Captain Falcon has been trapped only in the Super Smash Bros. games, with his F-Zero series left behind in the dust. Despite fan outcry, Nintendo has remained hush on any new installments in the high speed futuristic racing series, with many wondering if F-Zero has been officially retired. If Nintendo really wanted to win hardcore fans over with this new mobile movement, F-Zero is perhaps the first game to bring back from the dead. Nintendo might not see the reasoning behind spending the money and time into bringing back F-Zero to 3DS or Wii U, so mobile might just give the series the spark it needs to show them it still has potential. Smart phones are certainly capable of handling the blazing fast speeds and twisted racing tracks now, and that’s all we really need from an F-Zero game. As long as the controls are still tight and responsive to go along with the rapid visuals, Captain Falcon could finally be back to his glory days racing through Mute City.

Advance Wars

Like F-Zero, the Advance Wars series has been out of commission for far too long. The 3DS seemed like the perfect place for the next installment, but with Intelligent Systems at work on two more future Fire Emblem games, hope has dwindled. The mobile space seems like a perfect fit for Advance Wars to stage a comeback though, with integration of touch controls making implementing tactical movements easier and faster to execute than ever. Relatively small scale with simple UI means nothing could get left behind in the leap to mobile, with the exciting strategical battles still as thrilling as they’ve ever been.  With better online capabilities the online multiplayer could be greatly increased, with the return of custom maps or even new inclusions like leaderboards. Just… don’t call it Mobile Wars instead.



The WarioWare series is known for its lightning fast, silly, but simple gameplay. As the series’ games adapted their controls for each subsequent installment for different hardware, the amount of options available as a smart phone game could make a mobile WarioWare the craziest release yet. Taking advantage of the touchscreen and gyroscope abilities is clearly obvious, but the crazy antics players must go through could get even zanier with them having to talk into their phones or use their cameras. With more convenient multiplayer, WarioWare on phones could easily be a hit party game sure to bring the laughs. It would actually be a huge missed opportunity if this series didn’t find its way onto our phones, just for the weird charm that fits so seamlessly with this new mobile movement.



You knew this would be at the top of the list, and it’s not hard to see why. Pokémon has been a staple of handheld gaming for years, and this is just one more step in getting the lovable pocket monsters… well, in our pockets. The controls would have to be revamped for touch screens of course, but technical details aside, the possibility of truly having an all new Pokémon experience catered to a device on everyone at all times is extraordinary. Trading and online battling would be easier than ever, taken to new heights with smart phone capabilities, and the install base is astronomical. Battling friends in your contacts, seeing trades offered by Facebook friends, a mobile Pokémon would just make one of Nintendo’s biggest and most profitable series even more popular, as if it isn’t enough now.  With two of these already coming out every year, it’s impossible to imagine not seeing the series make its debut on mobile in the future and leaving its mark on a whole new ecosystem of gamers. Getting the series on phones would just allow it to be even more accessible and tantalizing to complete the PokéDex and become the champion in a new region once again.


So what do you think, are these choices exciting, bland, or even impossible? What other series would you like to see on mobiles? Or are you still unconvinced that this decision is a good one? However we speculate, time can only tell what choices Nintendo will make with this new undertaking, and hopefully it was a smart move that leads to fans getting their hands on new and exciting games.

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