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Guillermo del Toro Says Silent Hills is Cancelled

To the dismay of horror game fans everywhere, it seems the Konami’s much anticipated Silent Hills is being cancelled.

After the confusing news of Hideo Kojima leaving the company, many fans were wondering what would become of his Silent Hills project, in which he was teamed with beloved director Guillermo del Toro. Worries about the game continued to circulate this weekend, when it was stated that the infamous teaser for the game, P.T., would be removed from the PlayStation Store. It seems these rumours have come to a head today, as del Toro has been cited as saying “It’s not gonna happen and that breaks my greasy heart”, at the San Francisco International Film Festival. While Konami has not put out a statement on the matter yet, it seems that hope has died for the return to true horror that Silent Hills promised.

This is truly sad news for fans of the series and genre, as P.T. sparked a new love for horror in the mainstream audience. Said to have been downloaded over a million times, P.T. was paving the way for a very interesting and exciting addition to the series that has had some unsuccessful missteps in recent years. It seems this move for Silent Hill just wasn’t meant to be sadly.

Also curious is Konami’s involvement on the matter. With the departure of Kojima and now this, what’s becoming of the publisher? Are they moving away from gaming? P.T.’s popularity shows this decision is not a light one, and could mean some very big changes taking place in Konami.

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