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Greg Weisman on Likelihood of Young Justice Season 3

By: Corey van den Hoogenband 

Last week, Greg Weisman, writer and producer behind series like Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Young Justice took part in an online Q & A with fans through Facebook. There, Weisman spoke of the abrupt cancellation of Young Justice and any possibilities for the series moving forward.

First and foremost, the Young Justice producer confronted the possibility of the show’s return. When asked if Young Justice might see a revival, Weisman replied, “I hope so. Brandon Vietti and I would love to do more episodes, and Chris Jones and I would love to do more issues of the companion comic.” 

Controversy surrounding the show’s abrupt removal from Cartoon Network reached new heights last summer when Paul Dini visited Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast. There, the mastermind behind shows like Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League suggested that Young Justice’s cancellation ultimately was the result of poor toy sales.

Weisman all but confirmed that this was in fact true when a fan asked, “If season three of YJ was never made because of ‘toy sales,’ were the toy sales during season one good enough to get the second season made?” To this, Weisman replied, “The anticipation of them were,” meaning that merchandisers were relying on sales to pick up as the show went on, but lost hope by the time season two wrapped. Many fans have been vocal about the show’s removal from the Cartoon Network lineup occurring near-simultaneously with the network’s introduction of Teen Titans Go!. The latter series is often criticized for being aimed for a younger audience and having less emphasis on character relationships and overarching plot lines. When asked for his opinion about whether cancelling a show as popular as Young Justice to make room for less well received DC shows was a mistake by the network, Weisman provided one of his most detailed answers of the Q & A.

“Okay, first off, no one cancelled YJ to make room for anything. YJ was cancelled largely for financial reasons. Second, the implication that YJ was followed by shows that were ‘less well received’ is patently false. Teen Titans Go!, for example gets WAY BETTER RATINGS than YJ ever got. You personally may not like it as much, which is your right, but that doesn’t make your opinion the TRUTH. But, of course, I wish they had picked up YJ for a third season. We would have loved to have made more.”

A handful of questions revolved around what DC fans could have looked forward to had YJ been renewed for a third season. One fan asked how much planning had gone into the third season, if any at all. “We knew the basics,” Weisman said. “Not every little detail. Things might have changed depending on how many episodes were ordered. But we knew where we were going.” When pressed for more detail, both on Young Justice’s as well as Spectacular Spider-Man’s third seasons, Weisman admitted, “I have plenty of ideas for both, but I don’t give out spoilers [because] I hold out hope of coming back to these series some day, so I don’t want to give away stuff.”

This of course begged the question of whether the show could see a revival in the foreseeable future. Weisman explained to fans that it would be a decision that he himself would have no power in executing, and is in the hands of higher ups at DC and Cartoon Network. He explained the problem with raising a KickStarter fund, since he doesn’t own those characters or Young Justice itself.

Still, Weisman has clearly not given up on seeing his interpretation of the iconic teenage DC heroes return in some form given his refusal to spill any details from the planned third season. Until that happens, however, fans craving more of Weisman’s work can check out his most recent animated series, Star Wars Rebels, or check out the upcoming AudioPlay for his paranormal novel, Rain of the Ghosts.

“Helloooooo, Meagan!”

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    1. Wen it happened it efeterd a lot of people we it happen so please bring him back and to the people how love the show lets help them out so the show young Justice if you wont to see it egen if we do not help we wont get to see season 3 so please let’s help them and we mit get it back

    2. Wen it happened it efeterd a lot of people we it happen and please bring wally back he was good member of the team and to the people how love the show lets help them out so the show young Justice if you wont to see it egen if we do not help we wont get to see season 3 so please let’s help them and we mit get it back

  1. Yeah, third season soooo needs to come out. The fact that Wally is dead is horrible and I an most people that like the show are hopeing very much for a season three

  2. they should make a season 3 and make better toys if the toys are really nessary. they could have a toy of artemis, roy and green arrow where their arrows could really shoot (not far of course but you get the idea). plus after about 3-4 years since the show has aired im sure they have made more money by now. they should really make that season three. and when the season 3 does come out it would be one of the most popular tv shows because there ar e ALOT of young justice fans wwaiting for that season 3

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