Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves

For those of you who neglected Destiny because there was a lack of content or because it started getting boring might want to start warming up that disc again. Bungie will be releasing their second expansion for the game, titled House of Wolves on Tuesday, May 19th. This DLC will be based primarily around the Fallen House, tasking players with helping the Queen of the Reef hunt members of the fallen that have betrayed her.

The Reef


The Reef is located within the asteroid belt and is inhabited be the Queen and the Awoken. In the new expansion, The Reef will have a new social hub called the Vestian Outpost and will be used the exact same way as the tower. In the reef, players will encounter several new and familiar NPC’s.

Petra from House of Wolves.


Petra Venj, who first made her appearance in the Queen’s Wrath event as the Queen’s Emissary vendor, is now back and is a vendor within the Reef. When we first got a look at Petra in the tower, she had her face covered with a black mask. Now in these photos from the expansion, it is revealed that Petra only has one eye. It’s unknown at the point how she lost her left eye, but it would be awesome if we’re informed of how it occurred. Just like the Queen’s Wrath event, we’ll be able to purchase, weapons, armor, shaders and accept bounties.


Variks is a Fallen Vandal, Vestian Outpost vendor and is the only known living member from the House of Judgement. Variks is very loyal to the queen and looks like he’s seen and been through a lot of interesting events. Fallen vandals usually have four arms, at some point in his life, Variks have somehow lost two of his arms and has gotten them replaced with a pair of mechanical prosthetic arms. Variks will sell armor, weapons, ships and shaders that can be purchased with rewards dropped in the prison of elders.

Trials of Osiris


The Trials of Osiris is a crucible mode, set exclusively on Mercury’s burning shrine map. The game mode given is Skirmish, a 3v3 Team Deathmatch similar to what we already have. What makes it more challenging is that you have to get a tournament ticket to enter. Once entered, you can only lose three times, and once those three strikes are up, you’re out and you have to buy another tournament ticket for 100 glimmer from Brother Vance to re-enter. The better your winning streak is the better rewards you will receive. The rewards we can expect are weapons, armor, emblems, shaders and sparrow’s. Some of them are unique to this crucible mode.

Brother Vance

Brother Vance (Disciple of Osiris) will be our guide for the Trials or Osiris. He’s the guy we will go to, to receive rewards and buy Trials passages (Tournament Tickets) like I’ve stated earlier. He is one of the new NPC’s located in the Vestian Outpost.

Etheric Light is a new legendary material in Destiny that can be used to upgrade older legendary and exotic weapons to 365 attack and armor to 42 light so they can be more effective. Etheric Light can be obtained by playing the weekly Nightfall Strike, The Prison of Elders or The Trials of Osiris.

Prison of Elders


The Prison of Elders is a new 3-man, PvE, Co-op, Horde mode for Destiny. The new game mode contains 4 rounds and 1 boss battle round. Each wave has 3 rounds and the waves get significantly difficult as you progress. Matchmaking is available but players will receive greater rewards if they gather they’re own fire-team.

The House of Wolves Expansion is looking amazing right now and I’m already back on Destiny getting prepared for the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

Destiny: House of Wolves DLC Release Date: May 19, 2015

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