PS4 & PS Vita Price Drops Not Happening…Yet

A about a week ago, rumors of an alleged PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita price cut surfaced, on a lesser-known gaming site called Wholesomegamer. A reader from the site known as “Robert”, tipped the site off that price drops may be on the way…

This information was found on PlayStation’s official retail loyalty site where retail employees in North America can learn about video game products and win prizes. The loyalty site a had a promotion where members had the opportunity to win a PS4, PS Vita and other various prizes. If you take a look at the rules, you can see the PlayStation TV listed at $99.00, PlayStation 4 listed at $349.00 and PlayStation Vita listed at $89.00.

Many believed that Sony had an announcement in works for these price cuts at this years E3 but as of today we can debunk these rumors. The information on the loyalty site has been updated and prices now show PlayStation TV still at $99.00, PlayStation 4 at $399.00 and PlayStation Vita at $199.00. So don’t get your hopes up, it seems that we won’t be getting any price cuts at this moment.


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