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E3 2015: Horizon Zero Dawn

Twitter exploded after the unveiling of the new IP Guerrilla Games has been working on for four years. Guerrilla is mostly known for their work with all the Killzone games to date, which also just happens to be  my personal favorite shooter franchise so you can bet that I’ll be paying attention and looking forward to their brand new project Horizon Zero Dawn, exclusive to PlayStation 4.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an third-person, open world, action RPG and is set in a beautiful, lush, modern/prehistoric environment where nature has reclaimed the land that was once claimed by an intelligent civilization after an apocalyptic event. The protagonist is known as Aloy, she’s a part of one of the many tribes that live on this land among giant prehistoric looking robots. The tribes of this land are not sure where these interesting mechanical creatures came from but they’ve shared the planet with for as long as they’ve existed.

Mysterious mechanical creatures.

During the trailer, the narrator (Aloy) speaks of the “Old Ones” the civilization that once lived in big cities and skyscrapers. The “Old Ones” warned the tribes of the machines through cave paintings and possibly knew what was responsible for their demise. Aloy is seen hunting these mechanical monstrosities, most likely as one of tribes means of survival.

It is refreshing to see Guerrilla Games steer away from Killzone for awhile and work on something unique and different. Guerrilla Games has a lot of heads turned and all focus is on Horizon Zero Dawn. This game is definitely one of my favorite games shown at E3 2015 and I’m looking forward to future information on it.

With E3 2015 in full motion, we still have plenty left to say about everything happening down in LA. For more opinions on the gaming world, stay updated @ButtonMasherTO.

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