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Toronto Hosts Cosplay Beach Party

Toronto is an awesome place to be a geek. If that statement ever needed validating, we’re pretty sure this event just about confirms it. On July 11th, The Greater Toronto Area Cosplay Hangout Group and Kawaii Bass are hosting an all day beach party at Woodbine Beach Park where fans of anime, gaming, and more can (and should!) dress up in beach themed cosplay.

A handful of events for the day are planned, including Beach Volleyball with teams composed of characters from the same anime or series, live music complimentary of Toronto DJs Kawaii Bass,  board games, and beach snacks. A handful of photographers will be on the scene to capture you and your friends’ coolest poses and group shots throughout the event.

With Toronto Fan Expo still two months away, this sunny and sandy opportunity to show off your costume and socialize with other cosplayers should not be missed. Just think, It’ll be like your very own “day at the beach” filler episode!


More event details here:

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