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You Coppin’ This Game? – God of War III: Remastered

Another remaster? Personally, I think these remasters are getting ridiculous. But even though some of us are tired of seeing rehashed games, we know why they’re being re-released:it’s both requests of gamers that originally loved them but most importantly, for gamers that didn’t get the opportunity to play them on previous consoles. Now on the PlayStation 4, SCE Santa Monica brings us God of War III: Remastered.

God of War III is my own favourite in the series and is arguably the best game out of the trilogy. The third-person action adventure game was released back on March 16th of 2010 and holds amazing review scores across many sites. The game picks up after the events of God of War II where a huge battle breaks out where Kratos, along with other titans, ascend mount Olympus to kill the Olympian gods.

Hades vs. Kratos

The gameplay in God of War III consists of combo-based combat, platforming and various puzzles that can be quite challenging. We can’t forget the Quick Time Events that are an important part of the God of War series. Every game in the series to date has the feature and can be used when an enemy is significantly weakened from battle.

If you haven’t played God of War III, then this game will be a great way to introduce you to the series. You’ll be in for the ride of your life with challenging puzzles, epic boss battles and a game that’s running 1080p at 60fps.

Soo…you coppin’ it?

God of War III: Remastered Release Date: July 14, 2014

Platforms: PlayStation 4

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