Button Masher T.O. Levels Up! New Site Announcements

This ain’t your mama’s gaming and geek culture site!
After a few months of trying to figure out exactly who and what we want Button Masher to be, we’re excited to share  some big updates directly with you – our audience. Have a look at what we’ve got cooked up!

1) New Logo / Banner Art Designed by Toronto Indie Comic Artist Jason Loo

Moving forward, we’re planning on having the site feature more Toronto artists, personalities, and events. Don’t worry – of course we’ll still cover and write about international news in gaming, film, and comics, but I’ve noticed that (to my knowledge) Toronto lacks a location online where its collective nerdiness is acknowledged and celebrated all in one place. B.M.T.O can be that place.

I met Jason Loo a few months back giving a guest lecture in a college English course. I’ve been entranced with his fully crowd funded series, The Pitiful Human Lizard ever since, largely due to its setting within Toronto. Loo shares a similar adoration for the city and its quirkiest elements, so we’re immensely pleased that he contributed to the site with a new banner featuring Majestic Rat gaming in his man cave. We hope you like it!

2) Button Masher Podcast Gets Revamped / Renamed “Podcast, Engage!”

We’ve run five episodes of the Button Masher Podcast. Sure, we have fun sitting around talking about video games, but our show had no structure. Nothing to latch onto. It was just, “So…what games did you play? Oh. Nice.” Yawn. We’re taking our gaming podcast and putting a new spin on it by having a new open ended and accessible topic each week: Dumbest gaming rumours you heard growing up, your first video game memory, why we love Pokémon (coming next week!); topics we hope you can enjoy even if you’re not an avid gamer up to date with latest console and strongest graphics card.

Along with “Podcast, Engage!” our film podcast, “Button Masher Movie Club” is being renamed to “CineMasher” and is moving off Youtube and into MP3 format so you can more easily stream or download the show. The next question is of course, where can you get these podcasts? Funny you should ask…

3) We’re Now on iTunes

Our gaming and film podcasts are now available on the iTunes store and podcast app, as well as SoundCloud for Android users. It’s a way for us to get our content to you as easily as possible, plus now that we’re on iTunes it’ll force us to take our release schedule more seriously. No more two month gaps between episodes!

Just search “Button Masher Podcasts” in iTunes to find and subscribe to our show. Please listen to an episode and then give us a review on iTunes, it goes a huge way to attracting new listeners.

4) Button Masher Facebook Page

If you’re a friend of any of us on Facebook you’re probably sick of me posting links to our articles. Now, if you dig our content you can like the Facebook page to more easily stay up to date. We love hearing from you and know that commenting, conversing, and sharing will be way easier through Facebook. You can even use that space to pitch new ideas and suggestions for topics you’d like to see us take on in article or podcast form.

Follow this link and like our page!

5) Video Content Starts Today

The next step in building our brand is putting out video content for your enjoyment. We’re working hard to turn Level Select – our trivia and behind the scenes series about iconic gaming levels, into a video series hosted by yours truly. Let’s Plays, spoiler discussions, and event coverage are also ideas Nic and I plan on pulling the ol’ video camera out for.

Our Level Select pilot episode is out now and you can watch it here! Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for the show moving forward. Feedback is always appreciated.

These are all exciting new steps for us and we hope you can get behind them. If you like what we’re doing, please share our site or Facebook page with your friends. I’m sure you’re tired of the whole “like, comment, and subscribe” thing but the truth is, sharing us with your friends goes a huge way in building our brand and motivating us to work harder and harder.

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Button Masher T.O. Levels Up! New Site Announcements

  1. I follow movies and videogames religiously. Looking forward to listening to this podcast a friend liked on Facebook.

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