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Did You Spot Toronto in the Suicide Squad Comic-Con Trailer?

Forget Margot Robbie, Toronto is the real  leading lady in DC’s latest team-up!

…Alright we take it back, Margot – you’re great too.

Over the past few months we’ve gotten glimpses of the Toronto-hosted Suicide Squad film set thanks to fans and press posting videos and photos online. Shakey camera phones and Instagram aside, the trailer shown at San Diego Comic-Con gives us our first look at the city as it will be portrayed in the official film.

Starting with the most recognizable, the trailer’s 2:04 contains a wide shot of Yonge and Dundas Square facing north. The Toronto Eaton Centre is visible on the left side of the shot, although the mall’s signage has been edited to be less identifiable. “Centre Centre?” You’re not fooling anyone, DC.


The cast occupies the Yonge and Dundas area for a number of shots in the trailer including a chase scene involving The Joker, Harley Quinn and Batman, one that was well documented by social media savvy Torontonians last month. The shot used in the trailer shows Joker’s car turning south from Dundas onto Yonge while the Caped Crusader stows away atop the getaway vehicle.

The red H&M renovation ad in the background has been edited to read “HOT – Soon We’ll Look Even Better”

Moving south, Union Station can be spotted during a rooftop scene with Will Smith’s Deadshot character at the 1:32 mark. The iconic Fairmont Royal York Hotel is also seen in a building’s reflection on the left side of the shot, and as the camera pans down following Deadshot’s descent, Toronto’s above-ground walkway, the SkyWalk is made visible.

The last 30 seconds of the trailer includes shots of Margot Robbie and Will Smith both standing inside what appears to be a TTC subway station. It’s likely that this was filmed inside Queen’s Park Station, given that filming was reported to be taking place around University and College in the middle of May, and the tiles behind Robbie and Smith match those found at Queen’s Park. While not shown in the trailer, locals tweeted out pictures of the set surrounding the subway station, including a Twitter photo of the nearby MaRS building being used for filming.

That’s all we could make out from the trailer, but there’s no doubt  when the full film arrives we’ll be sitting in our seats salivating every time we spot Harley, Deadshot, and the gang creeping around our fair city. If we missed anything, be sure to let us know in the comments below or on our brand new Facebook page!

Special Thanks to Evan from the CineMasher podcast for helping identify city landmarks like the Fairmont and SkyWalk. Check out his film discussion show, now available on iTunes and other podcast services!

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