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ScrewAttack’s Death Battle: Superman vs Goku 2

Has the debate between two of the most powerful fictional characters finally come to an end? Due to popular demand, ScrewAttack has decided to create a Death Battle rematch between Superman and Son Goku. The first battle between the two is the most controversial and viewed fight within the Death Battle series.

First and foremost, we have to give ScrewAttack their props for bringing us some of the most the amazing animations for these battles. Some of their best work is shown within both of the Superman vs Goku Death Battles. The character models and effects for this particular fight were well done and surpassed the overall animation from the first fight, and the voice actors for both characters were well selected.

Spoilers for the fight below! If you haven’t yet seen the video, CLICK HERE

05_Flatbed_WEB - August   Original Filename: JL01_24 (1).tifvia Flatbed Web
New 52 Superman

Now I know a lot of Goku fans including myself, were upset with the results of this fight. We all wanted to see our favorite character at least do somewhat well in the battle. All facts aside, it wasn’t hard to tell Superman was going to be the victor of the fight. Superman’s dialogue throughout the fight was very cocky. Even in Goku’s newly achieved SSGSS transformation, he wasn’t able to put a hurting on Superman. The most humiliating part of the fight is when Superman was able to walk right through Goku’s Super Kamehameha Wave like it was a routine, quiet, Sunday morning stroll. ScrewAttack made it clear, with facts from the comics, that a being like Superman has no limits while an incredibly powerful being like Goku has limits and are constantly breaking those limits to reach incredible feats of power.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku

I personally think the rematch shouldn’t have happened yet because we’ve only seen one fight with Goku’s SSGSS transformation and we have no idea of what the full potential of that form is like. After all, the new anime Dragon Ball Super has only just started and Goku will definitely be reaching new levels of power that we have no clue about. Ideally this rematch should have waited about two years from now, when we have more facts and information on Goku’s newest strengths. With that being said, the victor of the fight will still most likely stay the same, as Superman is indeed the Man of Steel with with limitless potential. But I do want Goku to at least have a fighting chance.

Superman and Goku are both awesome characters and are considered gods in their own universes. As long as we continue to get new material on these two, the debates of who’s the better character will never come to an end.

If you haven’t already then I suggest you check this epic piece of animation out! If you’ve already seen the battle, did you agree with the decision? Share your opinions. 

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