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New Muppets Show is Everything I Never Knew I Needed

“Kermit, What about famous celebrities? Are you planning on having those on the show, too?” 

“That’s a good suggestion, Elizabeth Banks! Do you know anybody?”

In 2011, Disney released a new Muppets film to wide and universally positive reception. The Jason Segel helmed reboot stuck a chord with fans old and new, and left many – myself included – with high hopes that the film’s success might spark a return to television for everyone’s favourite frog and friends.

Earlier this year it was announced The Muppets would return to television via ABC, filmed in a pseudo-documentary style akin to programs like The Office and Modern Family. I wasn’t necessarily outraged by this decision, but I was more or less confused about how it would play out. Attendees at the 2015 Comic-Con Muppets panel were presented a first look at the mini-pilot that Disney put together to convince them ABC to make their show.

Now, ABC has uploaded that pilot online for the public.

Clocking in at just over ten minutes, the First Look Presentation manages to squeeze in everything you could want from The Muppets and vindicates all the fears about the new “documentary style” direction. The show offers us a “behind the scenes look into the personal lives of the Muppets” – we see Fozzie Bear meeting his human girlfriend’s parents, who aren’t too happy about their daughter dating a forest dwelling animal (“Okay that is an offensive stereotype!”).

In typical Muppets fashion, we’re treated to wholesome gags that’ll bring smiles to children as well as more adult oriented jokes that will fly over kids’ heads; around the 6 minute mark Kermit literally makes a joke about legalizing weed in California. Seriously. Get me more of this show ASAP.

The real series airs this fall on ABC, and if it turns out to be anything like what we got in the mini-pilot, The New Muppets Show is going to be nothing short of fantastic. You can check out the pilot episode below!

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