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Super Mario Maker is a POW Block of Fun

Super Mario Maker has evolved from a cute level editor into one of the most promising titles of 2015. We had a chance to try out the game last month and came away with minds blown over the endless and outright extreme creations the game can allow for.

Mario games have always benefited from a tried and true easy to pickup game mechanic coupled with waves of level variation. In Mario Maker the run-and-jump gameplay is as easy as ever to pickup, but level variation has opened a chest of infinite 1-ups.

Even before entering the game’s create mode, Mario Maker’s 100 + pre-loaded levels offer a myriad of head scratching puzzles, infuriating tricks, hilarious and mind blowing visuals for even the most seasoned Mario veteran. The ability to play and create levels set not only in the original 8-bit and current HD look, but also in the style of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World is simply astounding and allows players to tailor their unique levels to the game aesthetic they prefer; as a kid who played Mario 3 more than any of the other titles, I found myself choosing that visual in an effort to drown in my own wave of blissful nostalgia. It’s also a joy to see characters that weren’t featured in certain titles getting a makeover to properly suit those games’ looks and feels.

Bowswer Jr. In Mario 3? Sign me up!

But what’s perhaps most exciting about Super Mario Maker on the Wii U is the functionality of the GamePad’s touch screen. Serving as the canvas for your creation as you click, draw, and slide items across the screen to plan your course, Mario Maker is the game the Wii U’s touch screen was designed to play.


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