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Batman: Arkham Knight’s Director is a Playable Hero


The opening sequence of Batman: Arkham Knight had players visit a 24-hour diner in the heart of Gotham City. Among a handful of unsuspecting and inconsequential diner-goers was one familiar face; Arkham Knight’s Creative Director Sefton Hill was rendered and animated to cameo in his team’s finale to their Arkham Trilogy of games.

Now, PC modder Heitor Fraga has taken Mr. Hill’s character model and paired it with the Dark Knight’s combat skills to create one vengeful, hilarious, game directing vigilante.

In the video, a playable Sefton Hill patrols the streets of Gotham, taking on countless thugs and delivering his unique brand of British justice. Rocksteady Studios are said to have meticulously studied the nine decades worth of Batman comics, TV, and movie material while developing their three Arkham games – now it looks like Sefton picked up a move or two in that time.

While still restricted to the PC, Heitor Fraga has created a handful of additional mods that create new playable characters or introduce new styles of play. One of our favourites is the first person Nightwing mod that takes combat to entirely new levels of intensity.

Sefton Hill: The hero we deserve and need.

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