Destiny – Gjallarhorn’s For Everyone!

This past weekend the Agent of the Nine arrived at the tower with one of the most sought out weapons in Destiny. Xur broke the internet, by selling Gjallarhorn for 17 Strange Coins.This monster of a rocket launcher is probably one of the most devastating weapons in FPS history and is known for dealing incredibly large amounts of damage with it’s wolf pack rounds perk.

There are a lot of players, myself included, that spent hundreds of hours playing nightfalls, raids, and crucibles yet still didn’t get our hands on it. The game’s item system works on a Random Number Generator (RNG); After grinding levels for so long hoping the system would come through for, I caved and bought three of those bad boys, but i feel dirty doing so. I understand it takes zero skill to obtain the weapon through the RNG but having it drop would feel a lot more satisfying.

With that being said, most of the powerful weapons in the game, including Gjallarhorn, will be nerfed for the upcoming The Taken King expansion. If you’ve manged to pick one up, enjoy it in it’s natural state while you still c

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