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BB-8 is The Droid We’ve Been Looking For: Hands on Video

With BB-8, J.J. Abrams and the crew working on Star Wars Episode 7 have succeeded in accomplishing what I once thought to be an impossible task: creating a robot sidekick even cuter than R2-D2.

Now, thanks to Disney acquired startup company Sphero, a miniature BB-8 is rolling into your homes and hearts – and we had a chance to play around with the little guy!

BB-8 is controlled via smart phone with a free app that lets you either take control of the droid yourself like a traditional R.C. toy, set BB-8 out on a patrol mode to scout out and map out its surroundings, or display holographic videos through your phone’s camera in a similar fashion to the A.R. cards on the Nintendo 3DS.

At $149.99 USD and $179.99 CDN (curse you, low exchange rate!) BB-8 isn’t cheap. It is, however, one of the most impressive remote controlled devices on the market, boasting a 60+ minute battery life between charges, cutting edge tech that leaves you wondering how Sphero pulled it off, and a unique cuteness that seriously can’t be understated.

Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give Sphero’s BB-8 is that the app-controlled droid, while admittedly tiny, simply feels like a real droid right out of Star Wars rather than a movie tie-in toy. BB-8 has an incredibly personable charm to it, one that makes the droid feel alive and will no doubt have you affectionately referring to it as “buddy” or “little guy.”

With more presets supposedly being added to the app to breathe extra life into the little droid as the movie draws near, BB-8 is the perfect companion for any Star Wars fan eagerly awaiting the seventh film. It’s not really our call to tell you whether BB-8’s $179.99 CDN price point is worth buying or not (I don’t know how much money you have to spend) but what we can say with certainty is that any Star Wars or tech geek needs to get their hands on this little droid –  even if only for a few minutes.

BB-8 is the droid we’ve been looking for.

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