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Rejoice! Character Select is Coming to Arkham Knight Challenge Maps

Arkham nuts alike have been vocally uneasy about what many consider a lackluster rollout of downloadable content to support the retail release of Batman: Arkham Knight. The most notorious upset among the Arkham community was the removal of the previous games’ traditional challenge maps, which let players pick their favourite fighter before taking on any challenge room, in favour of “A.R. Challenges” designed to be used by a single, specific character.

Now it seems, thanks to a barriage of tweets by the game’s Creative Director Sefton Hill, fans will be given the option to use whatever character they choose in any and all of the games’ combat challenges.

Hill, who has been fronting all of Rocksteady’s projects since 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, responded to fans’ requests to play as the hero of villain of their choice by stating, “Good news! Character selection for AR combat challenge maps coming in Oct update. Predator maps in Nov.” The game director went on to apologize for the delay, explaining that the studio never planned on including the feature until fans requested it. “To clarify, you can choose your character on all combat and predator maps. Not just the new ones,” he adds.

Here’s how character select will look within the game menu.

Along with the character select news, Sefton clarified a number of remaining questions surrounding the game and its DLC slate. The Tumbler will be available in free roam just like the 1989 Batmobile, Rocksteady is looking into a Nolanverse batsuit due to popular demand, and the developers are working on getting rid of the unappealing blue walls from the A.R. challenges (though they’re not promising anything!). Hill also insisted that Batman: Arkham Knight does not have a secret room with details on their next project like Asylum and City did, as this is their final Arkham game. Given their cheekiness involving secrets like the Arkham Knight’s true identity, however, few are convinced Hill’s statement truly means it’s time to call off the search.

Hopefully the arrival of characters like Azrael, Harley Quinn, Red Hood and Batgirl outside of their original story packs will be supplemented by additional costumes for the heroes and villains. We’d love to see Babs in her Batgirl of Burnside outfit from her recent comics run, as well as a Knightfall inspired costume for Azrael and Harley in her original jester outfit.

The confirmation of character selection stands as the most important reveal due to the fact it serves as an open and clear message to the fans who’ve put their trust in Sefton and his team: Rocksteady is listening. Hopefully this newfound attention to fans’ wishes will help shape this month’s upcoming Nightwing story DLC to be something more meaty than the Harley and Red Hood pre-order packs that felt like little more than a couple combat and predator sequences glued together with a few lines of dialogue. Nightwing (and you!) deserve better than that.

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