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The Top 10 Weirdest Batman Batsuits

Batman's worn a lot of crazy suits over the years. Here are 10 of the absolute weirdest!

Originally intending to make a list of some of the coolest looking batsuits Batman’s worn throughout the years, my research lead me to a very startling conclusion: some of these things are just nuts. And so, I’ve decided to chronicle some of the silliest and just straight up confusing suits worn by Batman (Bruce Wayne or otherwise) instead. Feast your eyes on the 10 weirdest Batsuits.

10. The Bat Nipple Suit

bat nipples weird batsuit

Sure it’s already been mocked to death, but it’s always worth mentioning. Never forget Joel Schumacher did this to our beloved Dark Knight.

9. Adam West Batman

adam west weird batsuit

Famous for being one of the first adaptions to truly bring Batman into the mainstream in the 60’s,  there’s no doubt that today, Adam West’s Batman comes off pretty cheesy.  Between the Halloween-costume-looking suit and his less than intimidating physique, this Batman is definitely not the hero we envisioned from the comics. Still, there’s something irresistibly charming about Adam West’s portrayal, and his charismatic enthusiasm in the role will always be remembered fondly. Rest in peace Mr. West.

8. Gotham by Gaslight Batman

gotham by gaslight weird batsuit

One of the many Elseworlds interpretations of the DC Universe, Gotham by Gaslight has its version of Batman solving the mystery of Jack the Ripper in the 1800’s. The steampunk aesthetic is always cool, and when applied to Batman it’s no exception. There was even a Gotham by Gaslight video game in development before it was eventually scrapped, leaving this old-timey Batman unfortunately stuck in the past… That is, until the animated movie came out! It was just okay.

7. Two-Face Batman

two-face weird batsuit

Following Batman’s apparent death at the hands of Darksied, The Battle for the Cowl began. Various characters from the Batman mythos (on both sides of the law) duked it out over who would replace Bruce Wayne as Gotham’s new protector. And though it turned out to only be a  Scarecrow hallucination, it was still a shock to see Two-Face dressed in his own twisted version of the familiar cape and cowl. While never a true candidate for the mantle of the Bat, it’s still a shocking sight to see the one of his greatest villains behind the mask.

6. Dark Knight of the Round Table Batman

knight weird batsuit

Another one of those crazy Elseworlds tales, Dark Knight of the Round Table sees Batman as a knight of King Arthur’s court. While it might be taking the “Knight” in “Dark Knight” a little too literally, it’s still an idea too awesome to not exist. And just like a real knight, he rides a unicorn and can turn into a swarm of bats. Wait what? Maybe this one didn’t need to exist after all.

5. Jim Gordon’s Mech Suit

gordon weird batsuit

After Bruce Wayne dies at the hands of the Joker…. again (really who’s keeping count), its the beloved Commissioner Gordon who takes his place this time. The only problem – not everyone can afford to travel the world and learn stealth and combat from ninja masters like Bruce Wayne. Instead, Jim has to rely on a mechanized suit to combat the scourge of Gotham. It may seem like overkill, but damn does it look cool. And who else is truly more worthy of protecting Gotham than its own commissioner?

4. Azrael Batman

azrael weird batsuit

If there is an answer to who should be the next Batman, it’s not Azrael. As one of Batman’s numerous apprentices, Jean-Paul Valley decided to take his place after an unfortunate back-breaking run-in with Bane. Deciding to kick up the violence a notch, he ditches the old suit in favor of an armored version. Realizing his mistake, it takes Bruce Wayne himself to come back out of retirement to take him down.

3. Rainbow Batman

rainbow weirdbatsuit

The 50’s were a weird time. The Soviets were launching satellites into space, there were movies in three dimensions, and Batman decided to risk putting a little color in his wardrobe. He says it was to keep awareness off an injured Robin, but maybe the grey and black just gets a little drab sometimes, y’know? Can’t keep a guy down for trying to channel his inner diva.

2. Comrade Batman

Russian weirdbatsuit

Speaking of Soviets, this version of Batman popped up in the Elseworlds story, Superman: Red Son. This alternate history saw the Man of Steel himself landing in the Soviet Ukraine instead of Smallville as a baby. But Superman isn’t the only one affected by this twist of fate, and a new Russian Batman pops up to take him down, alongside Russian Lex Luthor. It may not technically be the most outrageous costume on this list, but it’s really the subtlety that gets me here. It’s just cold in Russia. So he put some fur on his hat. Genius.

1. Batman of Zurr-En-Arrh

zurr-en-arrh weird batsuit

Originally the batsuit of an alien Batman on planet Zurr-En-Arrh, its usage becomes much crazier in Batman R.I.P. Through the use of drugs and hypnosis, the villainous Doctor Hurt uses the trigger phrase “Zurr-En-Arrh” to send Bruce into a nude, amnesiac craze on the streets of Gotham.  Of course, Bruce has a plan for this, like everything else in life, and a hallucination of Bat-Mite appears to guide him back to reality. In the end, he makes a makeshift batsuit and becomes “Batman of Zurr-En-Arrh” to get his revenge.  It’s crazy, doesn’t really make any sense, and I absolutely love it. It’s stuff like this that makes Batman awesome.

What’s your favorite Batsuit? Let us know in the comments!

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