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Spooktober: Live Streaming Horror Games All Month!

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Greetings fellow Button Mashers!

Everyone’s most fear-filled month, Spooktober, is finally upon us. To celebrate, we’ve decide to dedicate a month to playing some of the most petrifying horror games we could find! Now I’m sure you’re asking, “that’s great and all, but what does that get me?” Well, here’s where you come in:

Nic, Corey, and the gang are far too cowardly to play these games alone – which is why we’re live streaming our play sessions so that we’ll have you with us to either scoff or scream at all the things that go bump in the (digital) night.

First on the docket is the newly released science fiction survival game, SOMA. In an eerie underwater research lab, things go awry when the machinery starts to take on human characteristics, forcing players to escape the lab while they still can. Stay tuned for the full list of games to be revealed next week!

Our first stream goes live tonight, October 1st, at roughly 10:30 P.M. EST. Make sure to subscribe on Twitch and link our channel to your friends so we can have a whole legion of gamers hold our hands through what should be the scariest month of our lives.

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