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Podcast, Engage! – Episode 6 – Good Game Awards Winners (Game of the Year)

The readers have voted, and here are your favourite games of 2015:

Most Stylish: Splatoon

67% of the vote

Runner Up: Bloodborne, Ori & the Blind Forest

Best Narrative: Life is Strange

47% of the vote

Runner Up: Her Story, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Best Couple: TIE – Max + Chloe (Life is Strange) & Batman + the Joker (Batman: Arkham Knight)

32% of the vote each

Runner Up: Geralt & Yennifer (Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Best Original Game: Life is Strange

44% of the vote

Runner Up: Rocket League, Until Dawn

Best Use of Victorian England: TIE – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Bloodborne, The Order: 1886

33% of the vote

Good Game of the Year: Fallout 4

22% of the vote

Runner Up: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Batman: Arkham Knight

THANK YOU to all of our readers who took the time to vote in our first GG Awards. This was a fantastic year for us as gamers and fans of the industry, and we hope you stick around on in 2016 to chat with us about everything that the year brings our way in games, movies, and more.



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