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New DC Animated Movie Looks to Fuse Best of Teen Titans & Young Justice

Could Justice League vs. Teen Titans be the spiritual successor to both Young Justice and the original Teen Titans shows?

Fans of DC animation cannot stop speculating if and when they’ll ever see a third season of the abruptly cancelled Young Justice animated series. Before that, their prayers were directed towards the original Teen Titans series getting a sixth season to resolve a major, unfinished story arc. Although unlikely that this new movie will directly address those two hangups, it may very well prove to be the long-needed revisit fans of both shows wish for.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans is the latest in the lineup of ongoing straight to home video DC movies. These films, including Under the Red Hood, Son of Batman, Justice League: War, and more are most often well received, but have yet to involve many of the young heroes present in Teen Titans or Young Justice.

For the new lineup of Titans, the original five heroes from the mid-2000s show – Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg – are all returning. Appearing from Young Justice are Blue Beetle and Nightwing, two seminal characters from the show’s second season, as well as Young Justice’s concept of having both a Nightwing and a Robin character existing at the same time.

TtYJ 1
Damion Wayne is the Robin present in this Teen Titans ensemble.

For the first time ever, the Robin on this team is Bruce Wayne’s son, Damion Wayne. Damion, who has been seen in past DC movies to have trouble working in groups, is sure to provide a new spin on the Robin role that is unlike the typical, level-headed, leader Robin.

A behind the scenes featurette shows that aside from the mixing of members, Justice League vs. Teen Titans looks to be borrowing elements from both shows in a lot of great ways, many of which are sure to address some of the fan favourite elements of the two series:

  • The Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes is on the same journey to understand the mysterious scarab that gives him his power that we was on during Young Justice season 2
  • Raven’s father, Trigon, is slated to be the central antagonist to the film, similar to the Teen Titans’ mid-series arc that involved him and Slade / Deathstroke
  • Elements of a brotherly relationship between Nightwing and Robin are present, just as they were between Dick Grayson and Tim Drake in Young Justice season two
  • Starfire and Grayson are both older than the other members of the team, suggesting a possible romance similar to the one that progresses throughout Teen Titans
  • and of course, now-Justice League member Cyborg is seen visiting the Titans’ tower with boxes of pizza he hopes to devour with the team (classic)



These are only a few of the several plot points the creators are looking to throw into this latest movie, but it looks entirely possible that this DC film, releasing April 12th, could very easily provide not only a much appreciated crossover between the two shows, but also closure for fans who craved more after both Teen Titans and Young Justice were pulled from the network.

Besides, it can’t be any worse of a  successor than Teen Titans GO! was…



  1. More a mash-up of two of the most highly regarded Batman stories in the last 20 years than its title implies it stands alongside the best efforts of Warner Bros. Animated.

  2. i love watching a teen titans vs justice leuge damian wane is sosososo greate and i hate and wors the teen titans go

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