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Retro Games Rule in PUP’s ‘DVP’ Music Video

Toronto punk rock quartet PUP have released an awesomely retro-game inspired music video alongside ‘DVP,’the first single off their forthcoming album.

The video, directed by Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux and inspired by the band’s time gaming throughout the ’90s, fuses the lyrics of ‘DVP’ with footage from some of the the greatest games of yesteryear. Super Mario Bros, Mega Man, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and more all contribute to the playful video, and it’s a whole lot of fun.


Vocalist Stefan Babcock’s lyrics for ‘DVP’ are…mature, to say the least. The blending of dark confessions like, “I’m still fucked up over you,” with the childlike, 8-bit imagery in the video creates a beautifully jarring product that is both nostalgic and gritty.

Pup is not the first group to incorporate retro gaming into their music videos. Tokyo Police Club’s ‘Hot Tonight‘ video sees the band and a handful of friends playing Canadian spoofs of classic arcade games. Another Toronto band, The Fallers, spend their evening performing in a local barcade (half bar, half arcade, total awesome) in the video for ‘Left, Right, and Centre.’

Check out the video for ‘DVP’ and tell us what games you spotted that you remember playing! 

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