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Netflix Looking into Young Justice Season 3 Revival

Netflix is looking into reviving the fan-favourite DC animated show, but they need your help!

We’ve been asking for more Young Justice for years, and now it looks like that dream may finally be coming true thanks to the series’ popularity on Netflix. Reports are coming in stating the  popular streaming site is looking into bringing back the series from its high activity on the site since the inclusion of both seasons.

Series creator Greg Weisman has always made it clear his hope for a return, and now Aqualad voice actor Khary Payton is  even chiming in on Twitter to get the buzz going and letting the  fans know what they need to do to help the cause.

So now that we’ve heard it straight from Aqualad himself, there’s no excuses. Fans need to get this revival trending any way they can, using #RenewYoungJustice on Twitter and watching the seasons on repeat on Netflix. Maybe with our continued support we can finally see a proper continuation of this great and short-lived series.


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