‘Toronto Comics Anthology’ Kickstarter Aims to Showcase Local Artists

By: Corey van den Hoogenband

Toronto can be a crazy, cartoonish city to live in at times, what with the annual pillow fights, cosplay beach parties, zombie walks and the like. But for those looking to go even farther down the rabbit hole, some of the most talented local comic creators are uniting to present you an anthology of fantastical stories set in and inspired by our fair city.

“The third volume of the Toronto Comics Anthology features almost 300 pages containing 31 stories by 46 local artists and writers,” Editor Steven Andrews explains via Kickstarter video. “Our stories span a diverse array of genres from slice of life to fantasy, horror, sci-fi, horror, capes, crimes – a little bit of everything.”

The anthology is set to showcase an array of local talents, from more established artists like The Pitiful Human Lizard creator Jason Loo and webcomic creator Meaghan Carter, to up and coming artists looking to break into the comics scene.

majesic rat
Look familiar? Well it should – Loo designed our site’s very own banner art!

Editors Allison O’Toole, Steven Andrews, and Aaron Feldman have brought the anthology to kickstarter, and are presently just over half way to their $10,000 goal needed to print and distribute the book. Backers can look forward to a digital copy of the Comics Anthology for pledging $5.00, while those who pledge $20.00 will receive a physical copy.

The Toronto comics scene is vast, thriving, and constantly contributing to the city’s unique culture, and supporting the anthology will keep this beautiful, geeky fire burning. “With your support,” Andrews says, “we’ll see you at TCAF this May.”

You can find out more about the Toronto Comics Anthology Volume 3 project here.

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