Toronto ComiCon 2016 – It’s All About the People

Hey Button Mashers!

Last week The Varsity, the University of Toronto’s largest independent student publication, sent me to one of the coolest shows in town for pop culture fans, Toronto ComiCon 2016.

It was an amazing experience that myself and Shaq, The Varsity’s Video Editor captured on camera in the video below. We interviewed a number of attendees and celebrity guests to find out what makes Toronto’s geek culture community so special.

…and also asked them who they think will win: Batman or Superman.

So please enjoy the video tour we put together! Comment and share if you can to prove to the amazing folks at The Varsity that sending writers to future events like these isn’t a horrible idea, and that us pop culture diehards truly rule.


Oh, and let me know how I did on camera! If you like these sorts of things we may start producing more on camera / video content for Button Masher during the summer.



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