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Easter Eggs You Missed in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

There are a ton of awesome easter eggs for DC hidden throughout Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and we’ve compiled everything we could find here.

(Note that we aren’t covering the easter eggs present in the trailers like the spray painted Robin suit and Batman’s mechanized suit from the Dark Knight Returns)

Be aware by reading this you’re walking straight into spoiler territory for the film.

1) Perhaps a Woman? You’re chasing a Phantasm.

Early in the movie Alfred and Bruce are investigating a criminal they can only identify as the White Portuguese. Bruce insists they need to catch him, which prompts Alfred to suggest that the unknown “phantasm” they’re searching for might be a woman. This is a reference to the 1993 film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, where the film’s titular villain is eventually revealed to be Bruce’s former love, Andrea Beaumont.


2) Darkseid creator Jack Kirby has a locker beside Lois Lane’s

When Lois Lane visits her Daily Planet locker in the first act, the name next to hers is none other than “Kirby.” Jack Kirby is of course the influential comic artist / writer responsible for Darkseid, the prolific villain alluded to in several of the movie’s dream sequences. It’s possible the other surrounding lockers have other iconic Superman creators’ names, but all we could identify in the all too brief shot was Jack Kirby’s name. This could easily be hinting indirectly that Darkseid may play a prominent role in forthcoming installments to this newly established universe.


3) It’s not 1938 anymore

Daily Planet Editor in Chief Perry White becomes tired of Clark’s insistence on reporting on the vigilantism of the Bat in Gotham. Kent tells Perry that the newspaper was created to stand for justice, only to be told that people haven’t thought that way since 1938, the year that Superman debuted in Action Comics.


4) “How many of them have stayed that way?”

Ben Affleck’s Batman is worn out and cynical in Dawn of Justice. He’s been defending Gotham as the Dark Knight for about 20 years, and in that time he’s seen good guys like him come and go. He asks Alfred to remind him, “How many good guys are left? How many have stayed that way?” possibly referencing Jason Todd’s turn to insanity following his torture by the Joker. This has yet to be confirmed, but many fans have theorized that the young, tattoo covered Joker to be featured in Suicide Squad is actually former Robin Jason Todd taking on the role of Joker’s successor.

Alternatively, the line could be a reference to Bruce Wayne’s friend and former Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent, who goes on to become Two Face in most iterations of the character.


5) Hey it’s Vicki Vale!

Lex Luthor’s charity ball is MC’d by a blonde woman named Vicki. This may have been Gotham reporter Vicki Vale, a character featured in all sorts of Batman stories such as the 1989 Batman and the Arkham games.


6) S.T.A.R Labs

*Mega spoilers here so look away if you’re concerned!*

In Batman’s email to Wonder Woman in the third act, the surveillance footage of Victor Stone becoming Cyborg is marked by a S.T.A.R. Labs logo. Fans of the DC Universe will recognize S.T.A.R. labs as the incubator for a number of research projects affiliated with companies like Wayne Tech, LexCorp, and Stagg Enterprises, and featured in a number of animated shows like Justice League, Superman the Animated Series, and Young Justice.


7) Batman’s Firearm Proficiency – The Dark Knight Returns reference I

Batman is seen using a number of weapons throughout the film, but the one that alludes to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns the clearest is when Batfleck is perched above a dock and uses a sniper rifle to shoot a tracker onto the villains’ truck. It’s almost an exact recreation of the panel from DKR when Batman shoots a grappling hook from a sniper rifle to stop Harvey Dent.

sniper bat

8) Crusty Nuke Superman – The Dark Knight Returns reference II

**Again big spoilers here**

Near the end of the movie, Superman flies Doomsday into space with him and holds him in place so a US government nuke can make direct impact with the monster. It deals some damage to Doomsday but ultimately takes a toll on Superman, who we see floating in space looking completely skeletal, much like this beautifully drawn scene from DKR:


9) Awesome Arkham Combat

Although a bunch of it was already showcased in the trailer, Batman’s showdown with two dozen gunmen in the third act truly displayed how much of the Bat’s combat was inspired by Rocksteady’s Arkham games. From his gadgets to takedown techniques, Rocksteady’s games have officially become mythos influencers, and that’s fantastic.


**Mega Ultra Spoilers Territory**

10) The Death and Return of Superman

Oddly enough, few of us connected the dots that Doomsday’s inclusion in the film meant the end for Superman as it did in the landmark ’90s comic, The Death and Return of Superman. But sure enough, Doomsday could only be defeated with a great cost: the death (and return in the last shot of the film) of the Man of Steel.


Did you catch any big references we missed out on? Let us know in the comments if we’re missing anything major!

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  1. The “How many good guys, how many stayed that way,” line is possibly more of a reference to Harvey Dent/Two-face. Two-face has always been considered as someone that was once good but turned evil.

    1. There’s a scene where Clark is researching the batman and a quote in one of the articles is from Harvey. So chances are its a more recent interview and Harvey might not be Two-Face just yet… Or maybe the producers just slipped up by putting his name in the article. But at the same time — it might not be Jason if the Batman doesn’t even know he’s still alive yet, either.

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