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Danny DeVito Responds to Detective Pikachu Petition: ‘What the F*** is Pokémon?’

Proponents of the “Get Danny DeVito to Voice the English Version of Detective Pikachu” online petition will be dismayed to hear the 71 year old actor has no idea what Pokémon is, much less Detective Pikachu for that matter.

At an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia event in Los Angeles this weekend, an audience member from Things To Do in LA asked DeVito about the possibility of him voicing Detective Pikachu in the Pokémon game. DeVito replied, “No. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” before turning to his co-stars to ask, “what the fuck is Pokémon?”

The actor, known for films like Matilda, Batman Returns, and Hercules has been the shining beacon of a fan petition on to see the Western localization of Great Detective Pikachu – apparently whether he knows it or not. At the time of reporting, the petition contains over 48,000 signatures.

The Pikachu in the Japanese version of the game has a much deeper, more aggressive voice than what fans of the show and games have come to expect, which led many to believe DeVito’s signature cynicism would fit the bill in an English translation.

Alas, if we take the actor on his word, DeVitochu is a no-go. There’s always the possibility that DeVito signed an NDA with Nintendo and simply can’t divulge his involvement, but let’s be real: that’s probably just wishful thinking. Oh well, at least we’ll always have this fan-made video of the original trailer cut with DeVito dialogue.


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