What We Think of Miitomo (So Far)

Nintendo’s very first mobile application Miitomo has infiltrated our smart phones, but has it made its way into our hearts? The gaming team weighs in.



“Miitomo is super weird and I don’t get it. But it’s also super cute, and I think I love it. What is my guy doing when he’s visiting another Mii and why can’t I come with him? Why can’t I feed my friends candies when it prompts me to feed them candies? These questions are trivial, because what I do know about Miitomo so far is way better than any unanswered questions. I know my best friend who hasn’t owned a Nintendo system since the Game Boy Micro now has a sassy Mii I can chat with. I know it’s encouraging my friends and I to one-up each other with witty answers to generated questions. And I know I can’t stop checking my phone to see how many blooming flowers my friends envision (it’s a Miitomo thing, you wouldn’t understand ;P ).


12966375_10154080561239339_890504071_n“Miitomo is full of that lovable Nintendo charm and style, but sadly little else. Treating itself as a new micro social network, Miitomo has a nice foundation to begin on, with little in the way of depth or longevity. The app consists almost entirely of answering questions that range from quirky (what’s your favourite kind of bread?) to oddly flat (where did you grow up?). You can also view your friends’ answers, or answer preset questions about them, but other than dressing up your Miis there’s little else to provide a real hook to the strange app. It’s a nice way of passing the time for a few hours, but I can’t see myself staying with Miitomo for even the near future unless they provide some serious updates to content and personalization.”



“Miitomo is surprisingly great for casual use. The face scanner tool is pretty funny, as it usually generates completely inaccurate Miis. It can be a tad slow at times and a bit framey on the text to speech but those can be patched in later. But so far I think it’s a great addition to the Nintendo family. The linkage with your Nintendo account to help the player earn My Nintendo points gives me that crack-like urge that a good app should have, so I’m really liking it and can see it only get better with time.”




“So I am not a social media kind of person. My twitter/instagram pages are more of a technicality and my Facebook is just an elaborate tool to remember birthdays. That being said, I rather enjoyed my experience with Miitomo. I don’t know if it was the question concept which I found much easier then coming up with my own posts or the fact that I know that very few people would read my stuff as the app is still in the early stage. Nintendo has made a nice and simple app that lets you express both quirky answers and truth to your friends all in one system. That being said, there is nothing mind blowing about Miitomo. It’s not God’s gift to games but still worth taking the 5 seconds to download. Miitomo is probably an app I will use less and less as time goes on but is probably something I won’t delete off my phone either. It kills some time and occasionally makes me chuckle. Considering this is Nintendo’s first try at the app thing they managed to do a pretty good job. If you are remotely curious or would like a new social media then I’d say give Miitomo a go.”

How are you liking Miitomo? Is there anything you think could be improved? Let us know!

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