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This Digimon Tri Fandub is as Good as the Original English Show

Did you like the goofy music from the English dub? Then you’ll love this!

Digimon Adventure Tri is eight episodes (or two movies, depending on how you see it) into its run and has been an absolute joy to watch as someone who grew up tuning in to Digimon every Saturday on Fox Kids. But for some fans who are used to certain names, voices, and the peculiar choice of music that the North American dub presented, the Japan-produced Tri can feel almost uninviting.

Fortunately, a fanmade dub exists on YouTube that is styled after the Fox Kids’ Digimon production – cheesy pop rock and all.

BlazingAzureCrow is a YouTube channel run by Logan Laidlaw that produces a number of anime ‘abridged series,’ online videos that shorten a show to only its most important moments while re-writing and voice acting their own comedic lines of dialogue. Web shows like Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series and Dragon Ball Z Abridged have gathered massive followings since appearing online in the late 2000s, and Digimon Tri Abridged is looking to find similar success.

The abridged show is insanely clever, often poking fun at the differences between the English and Japanese versions of the original show – in one scene, the kids scream out “Omegamon!” when the fusion Digimon appears, while Izzy, remembering the Mon’s English name, accidentally shouts, “Omnimon! I mean – Omegamon!” At other times, it calls out the questionable decisions that both the characters and show creators make in Digimon Adventure Tri (“We’ll never be ready for more Digimon attacks if we don’t go to the hot spring and mess around!”).

But what’s unique about this abridged dub in comparison to others of its kind is the expert use of the North American dub’s original soundtrack. Often ridiculed by non-westerners but adored by its native audience, the English dub featured hilariously family friendly and often unfitting pop rock tunes such as “Hey Digimon Hey Digimon” and “Let’s Kick it Up.” These lighthearted, upbeat tracks would queue up in dramatic battles (much to the chagrin of fans of the Japanese soundtrack), and thanks to BlazingAzureCrow, they’ve now made their mark on Digimon Adventure Tri.

Even in scenes that are less action oriented, Digimon Tri Abridged takes advantage of some of the slower, orchestral compositions from the English dub as background music that will no doubt tug at your heartstrings. And in episode 2, the Barenaked Ladies track “One Week” is featured just as it once was in the Digimon Movie, meaning that yes, all of the beautiful ska music from that movie is on the table for future episodes of Tri Abridged.

Music aside, the abridged dub is a true gem for fans who have grown up with Digimon. It’s obvious that the creators of the abridged series watched and care about the show, and while most of the lines they have written aim to be comedic, some send  truly sentimental shivers down viewers’ spines.

One exchange between Kari and Joe really resonated with me:

“Joe, Digimon aren’t your childhood. Yes you discovered them when you were a kid, Joe. Yes they might not have a place in your adult life. But if you think to become an adult you have to give them up, you’re wrong.”

“What do you mean?”

“Joe, I don’t think being mature means giving up the things you love. It doesn’t mean separating from all of the things you discovered as a kid. Joe, growing up…I think it just means understanding why you love what you love and deciding where it belongs in your life.”

Wow. If that last line doesn’t perfectly encapsulate my decision to spend all my time writing about the pop culture I love, nothing else will, gosh dang it.

Check out Digimon Tri Abridged and BlazingAzureCrow’s other shows by clicking here!

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