Catch All The Feels In ‘Lonesomes’

Imagine a fantasy world where your most private emotions manifest themselves as magical creatures.

The collectible monsters genre is cherished by millions across all age groups, with franchises like Pokemon, Digimon, and Yokai Watch being global pop culture powerhouses. If comic creator Ryan Little has his way, the world is about to meet a brand new batch of critters.

Lonesomes is an independent comic book series written by Ryan Little and illustrated by Eder Messiahs with colouring by Fahriza Kamaputra . Described candidly as ‘Pokemon meets I Kill Giants,’  The book tells the story of Tom, an emotionally distant middle schooler who discovers his own Lonesome, a magical creature that embodies his feelings. The book looks to take aim at the difficulty so many face with confronting their emotions, offering a beautiful fantasy world to provoke thought and conversation amongst those who would otherwise ignore their feelings.


Although the book is complete, Little has turned to Kickstarter in order to fund a physical release,  which he believes is the best format to consume the story. “[Lonesomes] is something that needs to be physically experienced and shared so we can make the most of this story and start real conversations about confronting our loneliness together,” Little explains in a story pitch. “Together we can find out just what our loneliness truly does look like.”

At $8.00, backers will receive a hard copy of the first issue and find their name in the Thank You page of the comic. Other tiers include perks like a copy of a world-building zine including additional short stories set in the universe of Lonesomes at $20.00, and a $200.00 pledge that will nab you the opportunity to work with Ryan Little to design your own Lonesome creature for the second issue.

You can click here for more information on Lonesomes or to support its Kickstarter.

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