Artist Imagines Cyberpunk Toronto in Awesome Detail

Have you ever tried to imagine what your city might look like in 100 years? Artist Stephen Osborne did, and the result is a neon lit, cyberpunk version of Toronto.

Stephen Osborne’s “Neodot City” series depicts a future Toronto in a beautiful pixel art style reminiscent of 16-bit video games. The vibrant imagining gives off the same cool vibes that 80’s sci-fi films like Blade Runner and Akira did.

Osborne Transforms the Bloor & Sherbourne into Neodot City.

The Neodot City pieces will be available for silent auction on May 14th at the Gladstone Hotel with half the proceeds going towards Rainbow Railroad, a charity organization concerned with keeping LGBT people safe from persecution and state arranged violence. Until the auction takes place, the pieces will be on display at the Gladstone’s Melody Bar.

“You see houses with storefronts built into the front yard, and you have signage hanging off of old Victorian houses,” says Osborne regarding Toronto’s ever evolving neighbourhoods. “So I just wanted to take that further.”

In this case, “further” means flying TTC buses, droids, and the Drizzy Hotel.

We’re happy to report that raccoons trash pandas still roam Neo-Toronto freely


Seriously, I know these are just art pieces but I wish they were screenshots from a retro/future inspired video game. Someone please let me drive my own hover-TTC through Neo-Toronto with a Super Nintendo controller!

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  1. Thank you!!! We need more art of things that have not been seen already that we’re craving to see.

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