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Captain America: Civil War Review and Spoiler Discussion

We’ve got some thoughts about Civil War that you need to hear. With bonus sick puns!

Corey: The story is solid for what it was setting out to be. I wish there was a little more gravity in regards to the expanded universe, though. In a good way it was self contained and that was surprising given there are just so many characters in this movie, but on the other hand I wish the conclusion would have a bit of a larger impact on this franchise. Although I suppose we’ll have to wait and see the next couple films before we can really say that.

But the airport scene…that 20 minute action sequence was just the best.

Nic: The Russo brothers are probably the best equipped for movies like these and I assume they did the best they could under the studio’s tight direction. You could tell that they can’t do anything too too drastic. You can tell there must be a document they must follow that’s telling them, “you have to shoot it this way because it has to all fit and be sort of formulaic and light hearted, and don’t deviate too much because it all has to meld.” And that’s why everyone loves the Netflix shows because they can get weird. But I think they did the best they could under those limitations, but there are still limitations, you know?

Chris: Yeah, I feel because there are already characters set in place from Whedon and others who had already wrote them in previous movies, it kind of set in stone for any filmmakers who would follow that you couldn’t really do much new with those characters. But you can tell they took their own liberties with newcomers likeĀ  Spiderman and Black Panther – and even Ant man who only had one other movie – and I felt like those characters were the most lively and inspired.

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