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You’ll Spend About 10 Percent of Uncharted 4 Standing Still

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a beautiful game. It’s so stunning in fact, that it’s hard not to pause a moment and soak in the painstakingly rendered vistas Naughty Dog designed for Nate and his friends to gallivant around. But what would be considered the normal amount of time a player might spend enjoying their surroundings? Well if you’re anything like the players we asked, you’ll spend just under 10 percent of your Uncharted 4 experience standing still.

We conducted a poll that asked players on the Uncharted subreddit page as well as our own staff who played the game for both their overall play time and time spent standing still, and found that on average 9.745 percent of overall play time was spent having Nathan Drake stand perfectly still.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End™_20160512124643

The game contains a lengthy list of gameplay statistics that are both insightful and hilarious. Time spent in the air, for instance, puts a number on all those ridiculous leaps of faith and Tarzan-like rope swings that our clumsy hero performs throughout his journey. Among those stats is of course time spent standing still, which was divided by each player’s total game time and then averaged to get the number reached.

The numbers ranged from as low as 6.68 % at 13:28:00 completion time and 0:54:00 standing still to as high as 12.24 % with 12:39:25 to completion and 1:33:37 spent completely still.

If the 9.745 percentage seems high, it’s worth noting a few factors. First, the data comes from a test group largely consisting of members of the Uncharted subreddit, players who are more likely to lean closer to the “hardcore” end of Uncharted fans than casuals. Second, time standing still also counts things like combat / stealth sequences, so if you’re the type to hide in the tall grass and meticulously plan out a stealth attack, then your numbers will likely skew higher than those who prefer a guns blazing method.

So, is having players spend nearly 10 percent of their experience not moving their character something worth criticizing? In the case of Uncharted 4…definitely not. The game is crafted with such attention to detail that it’d be a shame not to appreciate every nook and cranny presented to you. It’s a testament to Naughty Dog’s game making skill and storytelling prowess that they’re able to construct a game that is confident enough in itself that it doesn’t need a gunfight or action set piece every few minutes to keep its players immersed.

What were YOUR completion and stand still times? Share them in the comments.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is available now on PlayStation 4 physically and digitally.

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