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Take Awesome Trainer Battle Photos in Pokemon Go

While you can’t currently battle fellow trainers out in the real world in Pokemon Go, at least you can pose like it! Here’s a simple but fun way to create awesome trainer photos using only Pokemon Go and one free app called Pokemon Photo Booth – no Photoshop or tech know-how required.

1) Go out Poké hunting with a friend.

pokemon go battle 1

The first and most important step to capturing an awesome trainer photo is making sure you have one person to pose while somebody else takes the photo.

Once you’ve encountered a Pokemon, direct your friend to stand close to where the AR Pokemon appears on your phone screen. When they’re in a good spot, get them to strike a battle pose beside the monster. You can take a basic screen capture on your phone, though using the in game camera item is a better option that automatically removes CP level and other visual distractions. Get a few different shots just for safe measure!

2) Download ‘Pokemon Photo Booth’ off of the Apple / Google Play Store.


This free photo app launched alongside the 3DS remakes of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue last February. In it, you can import photos directly from your camera or take a new photo and add in a caption that emulates the look of the original games.

3) Hit “add a caption” and select your photo.


4) Choose your favourite caption from the list.

pokemon go battle 2

It’s also fun to choose a prefix before your friend’s name to really go all out in the Pokemon Experience. Youngster, Lass, Ace Trainer, Pokemaniac, are all great options. Alternatively, some captions just ask for the Pokemon’s name, and that’s cool too.


5) That’s it! Now share your awesome battle photos online.


The Pokemon Photo Booth app gives you the choice to share your image on your preferred social media platform, but it also saves the shot directly to your phone.

Here are a few more shots to give you inspiration (and maybe some jealousy because just look at how cool these trainers look)!


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