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Batman Arkham VR May Be Longer Than You Expect

Next month, Sony launches their PlayStation VR alongside one of the most anticipated PSVR software titles, Batman Arkham VR. Rocksteady’s latest is said to be a short VR experience that puts players under the cowl of the Dark Knight…but how short are they talking?

Not as short as you’d imagine, according to a Warner Bros. representative I spoke with at Fan Expo 2016. Thanks to a press badge and a cheeky bit of sweet talk, I found myself donning Bruce Wayne’s virtual cape and tights. After, the rep explained a bit more about what can be expected from the full release of Batman Arkham VR.

Closer to the game’s reveal, most reports suggested about a two hour experience; an hour of story and another of finding Easter Eggs. But with the game now presumably complete (it launches in less than a month), the WB spokesperson seemed more confident in boasting Rocksteady’s latest could provide players with three or four hours of content.

From my 20 minute demo, it’s hardly surprising. I was able to make it through a “suiting up” sequence and the game’s first crime reconstruction sequence, but the story pacing of those 20 minutes didn’t feel like the first third of a 60 minute story. Plus, the rep mentioned the game will definitely have replay value, but wasn’t at liberty to mention what that might entail.

Regardless of length, Batman Arkham VR is set to impress. My hands-on with the game was easily the best experience I’ve had on either HTC Vive on PSVR. There’s an unprecedented thrill to seeing the Batwing hover above you in a dark alley, reaching down to your utility belt and busting out your grappling hook, before lifting your arm up and launching pass rooftops towards the vehicle. If there’s one thing Rocksteady knows more than Batman, it’s how to make you feel like you’re him.



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