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Top 5 “Wow” Moments in Digimon Adventure Tri Pt. III: Confession

By: Denise Salazar

Although long overdue, Part III of Digimon Adventure Tri was finally released this past weekend. Confession begins one week after the events that occurred during the DigiDestined’s school festival and reveals more about the origins of the infected Digimon. Once Again Tri proves to be full of strong emotions (both nostalgic and distressing), suspenseful plotlines, and dramatic battle scenes. Lucky for us, our patience was rewarded with an extra fifth episode! So let’s kick it up and recap it all in our top 5 “wow” moments.

5. Maki Himekawa and the Sinister Smiles


Without a doubt, suspicions surrounding Maki Himekawa and her involvement with Meicoomon and the infected Digimon continue to rise. And now it’s not only viewers who have a bad feeling about Maki, other characters are beginning to view her actions as either wrong and/or questionable.

First Maki lies to Matt about the disappearing DigiDestined. Immediately after their conversation, Daigo Nishijima becomes angered towards her for deceiving the kids as well as for keeping secrets from him.

And let’s not forget Gatomon’s cynicism towards Maki when she (1) coincidentally appears during Homeostasis’ discussion with the Digimon, and (2) when she is about to bring the unconscious Kari to the hospital. Aside from these interactions, however, it is arguable that Himekawa’s reoccurring smirks speak much louder than words.

4. Patamon, Infected Digimon, and the Reboot

File under: how to break a Digifan’s heart

What had many a fan worked up throughout Confession was discovering more and more of our precious Digimon being infected. TK’s confrontation with infected Patamon was heartbreaking. This was mainly because I thought it was just a part of TK’s imagination and paranoia, but also because of the painful bite that the little guy inflicted on him. Afterwards, the rest of night watching the series consisted of “NOOOO’s” and “WHYYY’s” for each added tally onto the Infected Digimon count.

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What was interesting to learn was that the origin of the infections came from the newest Digimon partner, Meicoomon. As TK and Meiko confide in one another about their infected Digimon, Meiko reveals that she had discovered Meicoomon already infected.

To add on, Homeostasis explains to the Digimon that the only way to get rid of the infections is to have the Digital World undergo a “Reboot.” This reboot would mean that their world would revert back to its original form before the infections began. The consequence of this, however, is that all of the Digimon would be reborn and lose their memories.

3. HerculesKabuterimon


Oh, the Mega Evolutions! This giant, golden stag beetle was a sight for sore eyes when all of our favourite Digimon were losing their battles to Meicoomon, the Reboot countdown, and their own infections (Jeez!). It was unfortunate that his appearance was cut relatively short, but it made sense considering how he was racing against the clock.

An honourable mention goes out to Gatomon’s sick evolution into Angewoman, whose appearance by far was the sexiest (move over, Rosemon). The shift change in Kari’s D3 also gave it some hype.

2. Back to the Digital World


The original DigiDestined kids returning to the DigiWorld after six years was probably one of the most touching scenes. First we had the theme song, “Butterfly,” play in the background as they prepare to go back, the sound of Kari’s whistle being played by their rookie Digimon upon their arrival, and then…

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1. The Real Identity of the Digimon Emperor

gennai digimon tri.gif
Is he really Gennai? Or could Gennai be a second disquise?

Alas, the last jaw-dropping moment of this movie goes to the revelation that the true identity of the Digimon Emperor is…Gennai!? Immediately following this, the shot pans over to show no other Himekawa and her infamous smirk.

Bonus: The Partner Digimon Spending Their Final Hours with Their DigiDestined

Let’s face it: Confession was an emotional roller coaster that constantly shocked and played with our expectations. That’s why it deserves a surprise bonus “wow!”

In my 15 years as a Digimon fan I’ve never been more torn apart as I was watching the Digimons – all knowing they may very well be infected – trying to connect with their human partners one last time.

Gabumon requested Matt play him a song on harmonica; Biyomon asked Sora to tell her about her dreams for the future; Gatomon convinced Kari to take her shopping and get ice cream; Agumon begged Tai to play video games, soccer – anything to get his mind off of the infection and impending reboot.

It was a touching set of scenes that showed just how human the DigiDestined kids have made their digital monsters. And it was made more tragic after seeing the movie’s end, knowing that the Digimons would soon have the memories of their human partners erased.

What does Gennai being the Digimon Emperor mean for our DigiDestined? Is he good or is he evil? What is his connection with Maki Himekawa? Are the missing DigiDestined kids somewhere in the Digital World? Find out next time on Digimon Adventure Tri. (Part IV: Loss)

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Top 5 Wow Moments In Digimon Adventure Tri

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You know, this poster really should have clued us in to where the story was going…


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