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Watch the Power Rangers Battle Voltron in Incredible Fan Film

Ever wondered who would win if the Power Rangers’ Megazord took on Voltron? Internet film creators ismahawk have been imagining it since they were kids, and now they’ve released a five minute epic showing just how it would go down.

The ismahawk short, simply titled “POWER RANGERS vs VOLTRON  – Minute Matchups: Episode 4” kicks off with the two teams of five angsty heroes smack talking each other before things quickly escalate to the no holds barred mech battle of your dreams.

The short features an all star internet cast including Greg Miller and Tim Gettys from Kinda Funny, iJustine, professional wrestler and gamer Xavier Woods, Anthony Carboni, and more. There’s even a cameo by Brian Altano and Max Scoville of IGN playing Bulk and Skull, which is maybe the most perfect casting of any characters ever.


ismahawk, made up of Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le, has an awesome track record of internet video. Specializing in special effects driven fan films and mashups, videos like the rest of Minute Matchups as well as their Nightwing original series, written by and starring Danny Shepherd, should not be ignored.

So who wins? Watch to find out:


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